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Today's post is just a brief post, I have totally been reminiscing, despite not been around in her era the power of beauty definitely sparks when people discuss Audrey Hepburn.

In terms of beauty Audrey filled that department, her photogenic looks and petite smile certainly became a well know influence in the 1950's, however lets face it shes still a beauty influence now!

Take this image of her:
(Left) her outfit is seen and worn today (right)

(You can find a similar outfit here, here & here)

When we think of Audrey we often think of one of her most Iconic Looks (Breakfast at Tiffany's) 
If you have yet to see that, its a must.

Its a look even celebrities such as Natalie Portman wishes to pull off!

I decided that since this post is brief I decided to hunt down the whole look; Links Below
The most iconic piece I would say is her beautiful breakfast at Tiffanys!
& GUYS its a bit pricey but I've found you her outfit and I'm sure with some hunting you can cut the costs by half!
(Click the item name or copy the link!) 

Firstly the iconic necklace- 

Second the Long Black Gloves-

Thirdly the Head piece-
This is not identical but I think it's just as beautiful

Lastly the dress-

I'm sorry if this links don't work at a later date these are from 2013.

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