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Since I didn't really have a post to do today I opted for a Primer cut down:) I find that Primer is something that is relatively new within the beauty industry and can often be commonly misunderstood.
Personally, I have only started using primer  over the past year or so. I don' really use it everyday.

Primer is used to prepare your skin for your foundation application as well as other applications to the face.  
When using a Primer I tend to think of it s a base,  It enabled your makeup to stay on longer.

There are a huge variety of different primers on the market - So I honestly suggest to do your research before you rush into buying a product. Primers can ranged  to aid dry skin, highlight skin or even create a matte effect on your skin. 


Step one - Cleanse

Firstly be sure to cleanse your face, make sure any excess makeup or dirt is removed. After you have removed excess dirt you must ensure that you pat your face dry as oppose to rubbing your face dry. When you rub your skin it has a tendency to be more irritable to your skin.

Step two - Moisturise

Next, its bests to moisturise your face, Again just like primers there are various ones on the market, each that specialise in different areas. When apply your moisturiser t you must allow your face to dry before you move onto the next step.  I usually wait around two minutes or so.

Step three - Application

In terms of application remember, less is more when it comes to primer.  A small pea sized amount is more than suffice.  You do not want to smother your face with primer as you don't want to be too oily before you even start your makeup application.  Most primers contain silica which can make the skin look quite greasy if it is over used. Be sure to let your primer dry before you apply your foundation too.

Primer is for personal preference; You mustn't choose one because it works for someone else you must test first.

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