Killer Heels and Styling them!

Hey Dainties,

Well Hello there,
As you can probably guess by both the title and the image, I purchased some new heels!
After a long and hard thought process I decided it was time I purchased these bad boys....I have been constantly on a loop whether to buy these and every-time I head into Viva (Local store) they catch my eye. So today I picked them up, but thats not all, I've looked at many a pairs of these online and in stores and unfortunately not found a pair which was suitable for the price.However when I headed into Viva, These £45 Heels had dropped to £15 on a one day sale, Now lets be realistic it just meant that  these bad boys were just meant for my shoe collection.There is always time to look for a bargain rather than buying a product on impulse at a not so great price.
These Heels are super light and very smooth finishing, I will admit unless you spend time walking in them they are pretty difficult to walk in.
What to wear?There are several combinations that would look super cute with this outfit, two of my favorites are;
Outfit One;Black studded jeans, more than likely slim fit or skinny.A cute blouse or leotard, more than likely in white or an accented one with sparkles/sequins.Obviously theses boots, and then maybe a fur coat? For those glam nights out in the winter.
Outfit Two;Light wash Studded shorts or denim ripped shorts. This could be added to with stockings or knee high socks.A crop top or Bralet in black or gold. Add a bulky chain necklace to top the outfit off.

What do you guys think? Yey or Nay to the heels?
Thanks for reading guys! Leave your comments down below or like/share. 

Love always,


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