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Hey! & Welcome!

If you already know me you may have noticed this is a new blog and I've been of the blogging scene for a while now.
I have to be honest starting a blog again is difficult but I'm back and I'm doing it. In terms of emotions 
I'm both excited and nervous. I know that by doing this I'm building my own self portfolio and I guess despite the hate, in the long run it will all be worth it.
I know in my self I have the ability to overcome those who cant be anything but mean and I'm glad to say 2015 will be the full kick start to something new. 
I can't wait to blog and maybe kick start YouTube again.

This blog has no set theme as of this moment in time and the post will vary from daily life to fashion and makeup. I can't promise that there won't be the odd random post here and there.

I hope one day to become a journalist or and aspiring make up artist but lets face it that's a long way off and there is a long way to go before I'll be close to that,  I also understand how its a huge battle to get anywhere in both these industries and it takes skill, determination and time and this is what I'm going to give!

So Welcome, Feel free to ask questions, share, like &/or Comment


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