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Hey Daintys,

When writing this I'm going to be totally honest with you guys,being a begginer I have been feeling like I've hit a wall with blogging. I know that It happens to the best of us, one day you sit down in front of your computer and the words just come flowing out naturally and some days you can just write pages out in a note pad of plans, then other days it is more of a struggle to keep yourself motivated. Here are a few things I recommend that helped me get back on track.

Take a break. I know this might seem self explanatory but I took a few days of during the week. Simply because blogging is never good when it is forced which clearly is reflected in my writing. I love to blog but hate to read back on pieces where I know that my heart wasn't in it.That is not the type of content you guys want to be reading, quality over quantity always. 

Read other blogs.  This Obviously is again some what self explanatory however you must never copy anyone else's content,I understand that I have read numerous blogs which have written post similar to this but I have never copied their work, some pieces may look or sound similar due to the simple fact that many topics facts are facts and can't really be changed, altered or re worded. But a simple read of  other beauty bloggers or Lifestyle Blogs etc can be so inspiring as you may find a post that is common ground which could help to set of a reel of Ideas for yourself. 

Talk to your friends. I believe that even those who don't blog can be of helping hands. I sometimes decided to catch up with a friend over a tea and cake at a local cafe, which can spiral in to a mass of conversations some of which completely inspire my blogging roll. One of my closest friends works at a House of Fraser counter, and yes we talk about make up, A LOT. She often has brilliant stories about customers and products and reviews that help me beinspired, for example I recently purchases a mac lipstick in Rebel in which I adore all because of a tip from her :) and because of this I now have a review post to write along with an extra special bit of info (Keep an eye out for that upcoming post) Anyways back to the topic by just talking about it person to person, gets me all excited and passionate about make up and other topics all over again instead of just looking at my laptop screen.

Stop comparing yourself to other bloggers. I have to admit this is a devils work... All bloggers get bloggers envy sometime and I do this more than I care to admit. I will always be proud of what a fellow beauty blogger achieves as we're all a part of the same internet family. Yes there are some bloggers who post daily, bloggers whose photos are always flawless, bloggers who are drop dead gorgeous, bloggers who use social media better... The list could go on, but it is okay that they're not me. I blog at my own pace, I understand that now where as at first I hated it and to  be perfectly honest it put me off blogging for a while.

Deleting old drafts. I often write drafts and simple ideas that haven't really developed and when I get a block I always look through my drafts of things I never quite finished, or I never got round to the photographs, I have often took a leap of faith and wiped my drafts clean. A clean slate, with fresh new ideas can always be good, However sometimes those old drafts are the work you've been needing to finish which could just help knock down your wall a block or two.

Blogpost Ideas Posts. (link) I found this link on an old blog a while back and Yes most of these lists include those cliché posts that everybody, ever, has done, but lets face facts they really can help you get back on the right track, I mean who doesn't love a good favourites/what's in my bag post? We're all nosey people at heart.

Carry a Notepad or Journal.  I found this to be one of my greatest ideas, a simple notepad,journal or book which just sits in my bag and whenever an idea floats into my head I jot it down, this is brilliant when I have writers block because so many ideas are layered page after page and the choice is endless.

Whats Your tips for writers block?

Much Love,


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