Finally 18!!! - Quick Pics and Q&A


Well its true, I am officially getting super old. I'm finally 18 and its been long and awaited.
As you guys saw last week I announced in a brief post that I was having an 18th Birthday Bash (LINK)

Since its less than a week away I decided to get glamed up and glitz up my nails! Photos and Update later in the week <3

I opted for an at home set of acrylics which is super relaxing as you can sit at home with a cup of tea in a onesie while you get pampered. When selecting my nails I chose the white glitter tips accented with baby blue and blue rhinestones. (Picture doesn't do them justice) I was super happy, they totally match my party dress ( Due to spoilers this will not be featured on this page but will later in the week)

What has today consisted of?

The day has consisted of some beautiful gifts from both my boyfriend and family.
We took a drive to Meadow Hall for a long awaited Haul!
Featured in the next Post :)
Also a meal out with the boyfriend and Ice-cream at the ice-cream parlor!

In my last post I asked people to e-mail me/message me a few Q&A's for today's post.

Q&A; Selected Questions

Q:Betty- What does it feel like to be 18?

A: To be honest not much different, but I guess this means I am free to be more independent and do more for myself. I t makes a difference being able to do things for myself and be able to buy drinks in for friends and family.

Q; Dan- What was your favorite gift?

A: I got so many beautiful gifts it would be hard to put my finger on one, however my beautiful Micheal Kors watch  from my Boyfriend was lovely surprise! 

Q; Tina- Whats your favorite shade of Barry M nail Polish?

A; Hmmmm that is a  good question, I love the Blue Grape and Glitter Socialite, but they have that many out I have many more to try!

Q:Laura- Was it a surprise when you received a message from Malikai

A: Yes it was but I'd rather not discuss this as of yet :)

Q; AJ; I saw you have a boyfriend, will you be doing a boyfriend tag?

A; This will depend if he wishes to participate and for now it won't be until we are further down the line

Thanks for reading Guys!


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