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Although I am not exactly a Beauty Guru or Blogger I have really been struggling with my make up storage, my collection has been continuously growing a vast amount but my storage has not. It has also been one of my ultimate dreams to own a vanity table such as seen on many Beauty Gurus Youtube videos... (Shanxo) It for what feels like forever now... So I've finally decided that I want to turn my dream into a reality, that's why I've shared with you what I am planning to buy to make it happen!

Micke Dressing Table/Desk | £65 Ikea
I'm not going to lie I havent seen many bloggers with this dressing table,  I often see the Malm dressing table and since I like being a little original Ive opted for the Micke desk and to be honest it is literally perfect for any person with a make up obsession! The two drawers can be used for the most used make up so you don't have to hunt to find the item you're looking for, I can imagine it would make tiding it away again easier as well or opting for a simple storage of desk/blogging needs.

Alex 5 Drawer Unit | £50 Ikea
This one is most likely going to be the saviour, I can store the least used make up in these, along with my other beauty products. This is less origional as so many have them however I've opted for two of these rather than one 9 drawer set.

Cream Floral Letter Organiser | £3.99 Dunelm
You've probably read this one like 'what... a letter organiser?' but hear me out, this would be perfect for showcasing your favourite eye shadow palettes, Blush and Contouring palettes

Cream Floral Pen Holder | £1.99 Dunelm
The pen holder is from the same collection as the letter organiser, however this would be perfect for holding your make up brushes and most used Eyeliners or lip liners.

Ribba picture ledge£7.90 Ikea
This picture ledge just seems so pefect for a nail polish shelf...  I mean most loved nail polish shelf, with maybe 3/4 lined under one another. I dont think I could afford enough to store all my polish collection.

Much Love,

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