Bad Habits

When being interested in beauty, it consumes most your life with crazy makeup hacks and makeup must haves. However despite the fact that we are consumed by beauty we all or some or most of us do the not so beautiful things.

Here are some of my bad habits....

- I pick mascara off my eyelashes, I seem to do it subconsciously. It tends to happen closer to the end of the day but I can't help but feel the need to do it. This is usually when my. Mascara feels skittle heavy.

- I know it is not recommended but I do clean my ears with cotton buds. How ever after the below video sent to me by a fellow friend I decided I might have to chop that habit.

- I have been known to sit and clean my fingernails with anything from a kebab skewer to a old hair grip/Bobby pin.

- I don't care what anyone says, squeezing blemishes is life's great pleasures. Yes it is slightly gross and can lead to scarring but you'd only be lying to yourself if you claimed that you didn't do it or have some sort of temptation.

- Every now and then I am convinced I am loosing my hair and will panic when Im getting out the shower because I can see the loose hairs that have fallen out.

- I don't brush my hair everyday unless I am going somewhere, if I am staying in the comfort of my own home it is more often than not tied into a high ponytail or messy bun.I should stress I do still shower daily but don't always wash my hair, due to my own natural oils.

- I don't do my brows... I live mine natural with a tweek here and there.

I cannot promise that there isn't any more but for now this is all I can think of. 
If you have any bad beauty habits and/or tips to cut down on mine feel free to share in the comments below.

Ellysia xo

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