Makeup Revolution; Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection

Mix and match.
Shimmers and matts.
This beautiful palette is a new necessity to my makeup collection.

From black to white, pink to purple this perfect pallets pleases all!
144 colours right at your finger tips or makeup brushes rather. 
From my experience I've learnt that outfits need the matching eyeshadow and despite desperate attempts to find palettes that give enough variety in colour choice for a budget price..... I haven't always been so successful.

So when I spotted this bad boy in super drug Uk I just had to have it. I found this in a half price sale from £20 to £10 and I just couldn't resist!
I was slightly weary of this product as being a newbie to the makeup revolution products, I wasn't certain the pay off was going to be great.
However for all you makeup gurus, collectors, fanatics. I suggest you buy this pallete if your not one to blow bundles of cash on makeup. Even for £20 this product is well worth the price.
This pallete contains a mixture of matts and shimmers with nudes to neons. 

For me using an eye primer and leaving to set is great way to start your eye makeup, if you move on to use a none shimmer base colour such as a white or a nude the second layer of colour should pay off better depending on you product. If your looking at a typical winters outfit with a nude coat and furry hood like this;

I'd take a basic nude in a shade of yellow/golden and blend from the inner corner of your eye out to the centre, moving into a darker shade of gold or a light brown blend into the yellow/golden and then out to the outer edge of your eye, if your going for a nude eye look blend this into a final shade of dark brown, if your looking for a darker look blend this into a black. Like the images below;

The products used for this:
Top corner; Pale matt;cream for corners of the eye.

Central bronze shimmer; for the outer line of the eye.

London studio eye primer
Collection: Big Fake Curves - Mascara

Central matt dark brown; for creases and centre of the eye.

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