As always I am back with a beauty review for you all, however this time I'm reviewing a brand that has never actually appeared on my blog before and isn't specialised here in the UK, NYX.  Having first heard of NYX when watching beauty Gurus on Youtube I was intrigued into buying some of their products. At first the choice was a vast amount however I settled for the NYX Jumbo Penicls.



As you may know I have been using the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos afor quite some time now, I fell in love with the shade 'pink gold' as well as 'Mauve Crush'  I would have to say that after time, although these particular products only have a 24 month use by date I can't fault them, However after seeing the rave about NYX Jumbo pencils I thought It would be best to test them out.

In terms of consistency and pigmentation,I would compare these to the Mac Shadesticks but with a much more attractive and affordable price tag.  

When it comes to buying products, I like to make sure that I get my money's worth,  I often spend hours reading reviews and I rarely buy it the same day. With the NYX Jumbo pencils I believe you definitely get your moneys worth. Their sheer versatility alone cannot be missed. These Pencils can be used as a base for normal eye shadows or loose pigments, a cream eye shadow, aswell as an eyeliner. 
I have been extremely impressed with how well they blend as well as how the pigmentation is build-able to personal preference, theyalso create little or no crease within the eyelid.

I do tend to wear these as part of my everyday makeup, by normally just swiping them across my lid and sometimes even blending it out a little, I really can't fault these and to say that they have such an extensive colour range too for that price, you just can't go wrong.

I currently own;
Black Bean 601

Pots & Pans 603
Milk 604

Yogurt 611

Iced Mocha 617

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Buy Here £5 each.

Have you tried out these Jumbo Eye Pencils before or any other NYX products?

Much love,

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