10 Ways the Internet changed my life.

As part of the current generation I personally feel quite lucky.We are a unique generation who have now grown up with great Technology advances and the internet. Since currently being 18 the technological advances began in my early years and  became a 'thing' introduced into my daily life at around maybe 7/8? And sure enough it took off like wildfire and has only got more and more prominent in our lives.

Although I have never really gone without technological advances I remember days of VLC and the big backed TVs. Saying that, there is no way I'd want to live without it now, I'm 100% an addict. And quite rightly so, it's brought me the best and most amazing parts of my life. However don't get me wrong it hasn't always been my best-friend and hasn't always helped me.
Let's see what made my top ten ways the internet changed my life (for the better)...
1. Blogging.
Obviously! Might as well throw this one in first and get it out the way now. The question is...Where would I be without blogging? Probably caught up back in the days of writing pointless crap in my diary with a crappy lock and key that didn't even work. Without blogging I'd have nobody else to bounce ideas off, no other blogs to read and feel inspired by, no bloggers for friends and no way of sharing our lives and experiences across the world instantly. 
2. Career.
I personally believe that the internet has changed the working world for everyone, whether that be seen as good or bad. Some great positives that have evolved for myself now is the opportunity to search for jobs online and apply instantly, we can gain access to tips for CV's/job interviews/etc easily, and for a number of us our job is now the internet. As many of you know already, I attend College and have a  part time in a call center and I'm lucky enough to only have to work two or three days a week. That's because the rest of the time I do have to catch up on coursework. I hope to develop onto working online and either in journalism or media.
3. Music.
How did people survive before the internet? I mean, although the internet has been around basically all my life.When the internet came into everyday life, as in my ability to use it I learnt so much. The ability to download and stream is crazy! I remember using tapes and CD's (Don't get me wrong I still own and buy CDs) but now with the advance of the internet the speed in which you can access music is brilliant! I love music from blues to R&B, Rock and Pop, so music plays a large part in my life and without the internet it wouldn't be as easy to enjoy music.
4. Friendship.
One of my closest friends is someone I first knew from following them on Bebo. Yes, BEBO! We didn't intend to even meet to be honest, we just had mutual grounds on Bebo such things as topics and posts and we even had a couple of friends in common, we attended a few festivals accidentally and from there our friendship bloomed, it was weird at first. However even though we don't see each other much then we still talk and due to the internet I've intentionally and unintentionally made plenty of online friends that have turned into real in person relationships. 
5. Entertainment.
Who else has had to go without the internet for a horrible amount of time (a week, a day, an hour?!) only to realise you've no idea what you would do for entertainment without it. I do think we should all make time away from the screens, but it's pretty rough going when the internet is snatched away from you without warning. What do we do without Netflix and Twitter?!
6. Food.
Yes, food. This is essential, remember the old days when you'd have to phone up somewhere if you wanted takeout? This practically gives me a panic attack at the mere thought of it. I hate talking on the phone .... yes I do work in a call center but somehow this is different. The mere thought of not being able to understand the takeaway guy or them not understanding you just doesn't appeal to me, So thanks internet, you've made my life easier. A few clicks, and my perfect pizza or Chinese is on it's way to me within the hour. 
7. Shopping.
This is to be said without being sexist, as a woman I love to shop, however despite my love for places such as Primark the idea of being stuck in queues for ages and being frantic, hot and bothered all for some socks and a t-shirt personally annoys me.This is where the internet comes in... Hello online shopping from the comfort of my own bed. This also means I can read reviews and get opinions from others before buying shoes I'll never wear again. Also, if you're a girl who loves a cheap bargin like me; hello cheap products from Hong Kong/China! Give me all of the cute things please.
8. Experiences/Cultures.
One of my greatest dreams is to go travelling around the world, I say it's probably not going to happen but I know I will make it happen. I'll hopefully visit a lot of the places I dream of, but thanks to the internet I can at least visit them online. I can watch peoples experiences and view places I'd never thought of. I can learn how different cultures interact, and I can talk to people from all over the world. Think about that for a second... Wow. I can even book a flight from the comfort of my bed! Yey! Internet.
9. Confidence.
Anything that causes you insecurity can easily be googled, and you'll instantly be drowning in tips on how to make it easier, more manageable, and learning to love yourself. Although this isn't always great sometimes the internet gives you the chance to over think things, However the combination of having a big group of online friends to chat to and who support me, and having a place to share my thoughts fills me with confidence. Blogging has doubled my confidence in the past few months, Happy Ell :) !
10. Learning.
Finally, last but not least, Learning. The internet has brought me some of the greatest knowledge, if their is anything you want to know,  you instantly can! That is some powerful stuff right there. I mean, I'm totally wasting this opportunity to learn all about elephants or reading some of the most world changing moments in history, by sitting on Twitter instead. But still... it's pretty cool I have the option to!
Thanks For reading :) 

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