Banksy's Dismaland park:

Since I've always been a lover of art, the pop up street pieces created by Banksy has always interested me. This sudden creation of Dismaland has created such interest the recent videos which have been released have hooked me and as far as I can see there's some controversial pieces.

As seen upon Chanel 4 news they stated "A fake security check underlines the fabricated threats Banksy and his collaborators believe we are being guarded against.Once inside, every piece from more than 50 international artists is a twist on what you’d find in a seaside theme park." This could be deemed a representation of governmental influences watching your every move (phone hacking scandals.)

Moving onto an apparent passenger making lasagne from the carousel horse, maybe a hint and the Tesco and various other meat scandals?

One of the key pieces involves the influence of  a more recent situation in which has inflated, the current crisis off seas of southern Europe in which is shown through remote controlled boats which have been taken over by migrants.


As many might know and somewhat be outraged by is the centerpiece of the Dismaland castle based on the blessed Lady Diana, the late Princess of Wales. The representation of Diana through Cinderella in a crashed carriage surrounded by paparazzi is both genius yet somewhat cynical.

With 4,000 tickets at £3 a day- until the end of September. A ticket must be bought !

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