My EBAY makeup brush guide!

I must say that in recent months I haven't really been scrolling on  eBay building tonnes of wishlists like I normally do.  However I know a lot of you guys love this sort of posts as who doesn't love a bargain hey!

I have seen quite a few different bloggers raving about the price of high-end make up brushes as well as some of the eBay make up Brushes. Since I own a fair few I decided to hunt down some new and some old and give you a break down on a few.

I wouldn't say that I am a hater of flat foundation brushes, however I have often found that they always tend to apply my foundation like paint. I mean the weird streaky line effect, do you all know what I mean?  Yeah that one.
Anyway, with my buffing brushes I sometimes struggle to apply my foundation in certain areas of my face, as some may be aware faces don't just sit flat ;) so it seems that this brush may be the perfect answer to solve my problem.  The angled tip allows you to buff slightly, but also allows you to get into every nook and cranny.  

In terms of a tapered brush for in my crease,I have been needing a new one for quiet some time, so I'm hoping that this one will fit the bill. However for only 99p I'm willing to take the risk and pray that it is the perfect size.  If not, then I will alternatively use it for my under eye concealer, which I suppose isn't all that bad.

Another 99p steal in which I was willing to take a risk was this, I actually purchased this particular brush a bit back - and let me tell you, I have never looked back.  I would go as far as saying that it is an exact dupe for MAC's 217 , minus the slightly scratchiness of the bristles.  I have been more than impressed with the lack of shredding of this one though - which is most definitely a plus!

When browsing through EBay as I do, this set caught my eye simply because the bristles appear to be lovely and fluffy on the picture. In which is a bit of a soft spot for me, However despite not buying myself, a close friend did actually purchase these and unfortunately  I can't vouch for the lovely fluffy brushes :( from what I have heard they do have a tendency to shred however for the price if £1.34 I may just have to purchase, these so I will let you know.

I will be honest I personally don't actually own this brush myself, however I may have to place an order for it. Judging by the images not only would it work great as a contour brush for powder, but it would be great for buffing in my MUA Bronze &Sculpt Contour Kit or My Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette . From the view of the density of the bristles shown in the image, this particular brush seems to somewhat resembles that of the Nars Ita Kabuki Brush (HERE). Thankfully this eBay find does not have the extortionate £43 price tag of the Nars version.

This particular set from what I can tell is somewhat similar to that of the Zoeva sets, in terms of their contents.  I personally haven't actually tried this one out myself yet, however this is sat in basket! Hopefully ready to be in my hands soon:) So I can do a lovely review of each!

                                  7.  32 piece Complete Brush Set - £9.18 BUY HERE
This particular set is a steal I personally own a set however I did purchase over a year ago so this may not be the same price or seller, However the brushes shown are the ones I received. I purchased these at a bit of a risk and honestly haven't looked back! I use many of them in my everyday routine and if your not super rich and cant just keep throwing £10-£50 on single brushes or sets, then this is definitely and alternative and I believe a great buy.

What is your favourite type of make up brush? Have you purchased any via eBay before?

Much Love,

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