What I want my Blog to be known for:

I've been wanting to Blog and be a journalist for as long as I can remember and I'm pretty sure by the state of some of my older post and even my current ones. Its pretty evident I'm still a beginner.My posts are a jumble of topics but all relevant to my life, and to be perfectly honest there's something quite magical  about the fact that I've created such a vast body of work. It'll be pretty great to be able to look back on in the many years to come. Actually lets face it, it could be super embarrassing?  My first few months of blog posts make me cringe now. But either way, it's here; and I'm really glad.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want my blog to be known for, or how you guys see me/this blog as a whole. I obviously only have limited control over your perspective and I have limited control over who reads this; but still it's pretty interesting to think about anyway!

Yep, I'd like this blog to be known both creative and Inspiring. I don't mean in the respect that you take away a life changing lesson... but if you do great! I just Hope that somewhere on this blog, someone finds something that inspires them. 

I'm not saying I'd be the next philosopher of our time... mostly I just ramble about things that only really matter to me or to be honest things that don't even matter. But I  love people to see my thoughts, musing on subjects that interest me, and maybe sparking an interesting conversation. A place for you all to take on something maybe learn something new.

 Of course I want this to be a helpful space! I want people to visit and feel like they can source some form of help:) Whether it be a D.I.Y and Organisation Tip or just a life lesson to learn from. I'd love to know if people feel motivated when they visit MissDaintyK.

I consciously try to encourage people in positive ways all the time, but I hope that I'm expressing this enough on this blog. Whether it be trying out something new, coming out of your comfort zone or really going for your dreams; I hope I can encourage people to go for whatever makes them happiest!

When I write on my blog I write from the heart whatever the subject, and this is something that is greatly important to me. I really hope this is something my blog puts across and could be known/recognised for, and I hope that you'll trust what I say I'd never be swayed by temptations to twist things or lie. We see this happening a fair bit in blogging, YouTube, etc; which is a shame.

I hope that someone somewhere agrees with at least one of the above :D
What would you like to be known for?

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