Autumn Immunity

So as a rule the autumn and winter seasons are not my best-friends. I have a tendency to get Ill and it wipes me out for several days.... BLAH.
So I decided to hope on board and find some ways to help build on my immunity. Although the autumn is not my best-friend it is most definitely the season for fall fashion, cozy movie nights and the build up to onesies and hot chocolate by the fire.

I have found over the years that the flu shots, hand sanitizers, and copious amounts of tablets isn't always the best way to help.
From my research I found that firstly; Taking Your Vitamins;

is key, I just wish to state that this doesn't just apply to the autumn season, this may help to apply over the months to help build on your immune system. If you take multivitamins daily then you will more than likely be a step ahead of most people. The best vitamins which I have found that are beneficial to the autumn season is a dose of Vitamin C and Zinc. The Vitamin C is suppose to protect us against immune system deficiencies as well as even skin wrinkling (Yes ladies that's right). Whereas Zinc is better known to shorten the duration of a cold- If you are to feel one coming on. However as a social girl I find not everyone is happy to take a supplement; you'll be best to take foods such as; Spinach, oysters, nuts, beans and pumpkin seeds these all have powerful effects to boost your immune system.

Leading on from the best foods my second tip is; Eat your Vegetables;

Although this probably goes without saying your recommended intake is 5 cups of fruit & veggies a day, your veg is one of the best ways to boost your immune system. Vegetables and Fruit are high in antioxidants which can help to boost your overall health, helping to protect you from flus and viruses. The best vegs to help build on your immune system's defenses are dark leafy greens, berries, salmon and sweet potatoes. Another great tip is eating citrus fruits these will help clear out cold.flu viruses quickly.

Adding to the fruit and veg, the best way to start of your day is with a smoothie!

When doing research I found that many health professionals suggest that starting our day with a smoothie is the best way.

One of my best smoothies is a berry mix frozen from tescos with a tropical juice.

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