Books are a great source of inspiration, any book can help, but if your looking for a set topic or have a direction is obvious which route to go down. I often just have a read over several pages each afternoon just to top up my knowledge on set topics. 
I have several favorite books but the two I'm reading at this moment to help my beauty blogging are ;
-Eat Pretty ; By Jolene Hart (Yes she Instagram'd me *earlier blog post)
-The Glam Guide By Fleur de Force

Eat Pretty has so many nutritional tips and beauty boosts that it could overload any girls mind. Each chapter is filled page by page with helpful information. This is just an easy read when you need a boost in everyday life.

The Glam Guide is built on beauty and all things Glamorous. One of my favorite chapters of this guide is the brushes and the guide to each individual one as well as the colour wheel helping you to work around eye colour etc to buy and use the perfect colours for your complexion. 

Some of the other books I recommend

-Chanel Collection and Creation
-Unseen Vogue
-Vogue covers (This one is great for inspiration)

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