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Soap & Glory is probably one product line that is ranted and raved about.

I own several products from Soap & Glory and to be honest they're great, the first one in which I am going to write about for yourselves, is Heel Genius. I hate feet... I really do so when they get dry and some what gross looking I know something needs to be done.

It easy to find products for feet, hands,legs and various other body parts, however they are not all great and many don't do what they say.

However Heel Genius really does, I am not commissioned to say anything about any product and therefore I like to give my honest opinion on a product.
When using Heel Genius it really doesn't take much product to do the job, its both cooling and refreshing, along with moisturizing the hard areas of skin.

The 'Miraculous moisturizing mix' has a subtle smell to it which is great, the ingredients are great to consisting of (Allantoin, Glycerin, Macadamia Oil, Menthol, Bilberry, Orange & Lemon Fruit Acid Smoothers.) Which feels great on the skin.

If you do personally have skin which is sensitive I wouldn't 100% recommend this product simply due to the subtle way it is fragranced, however a small swatching will determine whether your skin is sensitive or not to the product.

I don't believe I have any faults as such with the product, the only thing I personally don't like is the first feel of the cream before application. There is not faults even the simplistic yet adorable packaging adds to the greatness of the product.

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