Interview with Rory Myers; Local Vocalist!

Today I got to the chance to interview a Local Vocalist; Rory Myers;
Rory is 19 years old and the vocalist and Guitar Player whom is currently setting up his new band with Callum Chapman(Bassist/Vocalist) and Kallem Taylor (Dummer/Vocalist)
Rory has also been a member of other bands such as P45s and Cherry Red.
 He was in both bands for roughly 2 years and with them he has performed at numerous gigs and even some events.

Firstly I got to ask Rory the basic as follows;

Q:So Rory what does it feel like to be a part of a band? Has it always been something you've dreamed of?
A: Ever since I first picked up a guitar I knew I wanted to do it for a living (about 14 years old). And that was further secured when I played my first ever gig, the feeling I got when I first ever played was the most exhilarating, euphoric feeling I've ever had. Every part from practicing to actually being at the gig to writing songs I absolutely adore.

Q; First Gig? So when did you actually first start singing?

A: I have always sung since I can remember, in school plays ect, but I first started singing in a band doing backing vocals properly at the age of 16 in a cover band called the P45s and I have sung in bands ever since.

Q: I've seen that you perform in public? Describe your favourite occasion.

A:Yeah we like to gig wherever we can really.
My favourite occasion has to be a gig we did in P45s at Punchbowl pub, we thought that night was going to be an ordinary pub gig with a few punters, but it turned out to be a hell of a night, the full pub was absolutely rammed with people, beer was getting thrown everywhere, people were dancing on tables, everyone had there shirts off and we were dancing and playing all night.

Q; So Since you are performing, where would you most like to perform?
A: Being a band member my obvious end goal would be Glastonbury, but I am have to perform to any size crowd that is willing to listen.

Q; Many artists aspire to be like someone who would you say your musical inspirations are?
A: Mainly it's Arctic Monkeys and Kings Of Leon, but I have such a huge selection of music I draw inspiration from such as genres like Metal, Soul, Funk and even a bit of Jazz.

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?: Seen as though I am currently in an Indie Rock band I'd love to be able to have a funk project, just to really throw myself out of my comfort zone.

Q:When did you become a vocalist and what was your first thoughts?

A: it's a funny one this really because when Cherry Red first started up about 2 years ago, I had never sung lead vocals before, but at the time we couldn't find a singer to match our bands style, so I stood in as a make do singer (which at first I was terrible) and as the band went on me and kallem got better at singing so we kept things how they were. No point in fixing what isn't broken.

Q:So as a band were you and the rest of Cherry Red close friends or more like colleagues?
A: In Cherry Red we've had a fair share of drummers, at the time they were in the band we were all really close friends, but things happen and people drift away. But on the other hand me and Kallem (Taylor) have always been very close friends since about 3 years ago, almost inseparable. Me and Kallem are currently starting up another band with another close friend of ours (Callum Chapman).

Q; That's Great! Is there a reason you are starting a new band? Such as is there a reason you haven't continued with a past band?

A: The main reason me and Kal (Kallum) are starting a new band is because we wanted to get Callum involved and also we wanted a switch around on what instruments we play, and the reason why I left P45s is because it was a cover band, and I wanted to write my own music.

Q: As you've just said you write songs, Do you have any other talents?
A: I play a multitude of different instruments such as drums, piano, guitar, ukulele. But if I was to chose any other hobby which I feel I enjoy and excel in it would probably be snowboarding, which is weird considering I'm not a sporty person.

Q: So with a new band starting up, where would you hope to be in 5 years time?

A: I'm currently studying music technology, so in 5 years time if I can't sustain a living off of gigging and being in a band I hope to be working in a recording studio producing music for other artists.

Q:How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
A: Usually we just laughed it off or just try and make it look like we meant to do it, people never really notice but we try our very best to clean it up at practice.

Q:One more thing that most performers get asked; Do you get nervous before a performance?
A: Not really, I can only name one time when I have been really nervous, and it was an acoustic gig where I was playing a piano, and one little slip up could ruin a song, so I got a bit shaky beforehand, but I was fine as soon as I got 1 or 2 songs in.

Well Rory its been a pleasure speaking to you today; Is there any last words you'd like to say? and are we expecting any upcoming gigs or songs?

A:Yeah it's been nice, I'd just like to say thanks for the opportunity to say my story, it a hard getting attention and coverage at the best of times.
Before the end of the year this band should be gigging and we'll be playing a mixture of our own material and covers, if you're interested find me on Facebook as I'll be posting about the new band a lot in the upcoming months. Thanks again!

Well Thank you Rory and Goodluck in the foreseeable future.

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