Last Month;

Last month on the 19th of august I said I would release some of my private poetry work and today is the day... My first release. I have registered this upon the copyright website so i'm finally ready to release it.

You're suppose to care;

You're suppose to care,
You're suppose to be there.
But where are you? where have you been?
When I needed you, you where nowhere to be seen.
I'm meant to want you and need you,
Instead I hate you and despises you too.
Why walk away from the best you've ever had,
Just thinking of you, makes me mad.
You're suppose to care,
You're suppose to want to be there.
You broke my heart you left me alone,
with no daddy in a broken home.
I hope you're happy, I hope you're glad,
I lost all trust in you, my so called dad.

I've forgotten our memories, there is none anymore,
When you left and walked out the front door.
I thought you'd come back, I was so young,
You left me, my brother and my mum.
Not once did you call or answer your phone,
we had to mend our broken home.
I hope you're happy,n wherever you are,
I hope you're doing well, with that crappy car.
I hope you learn to regret what you've done,
because I'm older and I'm not young.
My day will come to turn my back on you,
and then you'll feel how I felt too,
So well done for creating your own mess,
have a happy life I wish you the best.

  Ellysia Keddy

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