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After a long while the post is here;

I've done research for years on fashion Icons I love and others I haven't seen or heard of. There are two girls who appeared in the industry around 2009 who graduated in that year and who kept on catching my eye. They are known as Chau Har Lee and Carolin Holzhuber these are both helping to add amazing shoe creations to our world.

Char Har Lee has creations which can be found at London's Selfridges which have welcomed hers well as supported her since her graduation in 2009. Char Har Lee brought her footwear into the vogue office. Char has been approached by several labels and brands whom have requested for her to design their footwear ranges.

One of my favorite piece is here;

The look of  leather peep toe with a deadly metal dagger of a heel is both shocking yet amazing! However the though of the metal back digging in screams the fashion statement "No pain no gain"

You can find Further pieces of her work on her website (link)

Another girl from the same period of 2009 whom also graduated that year is Carolin Holzhuber. 
Carolin is from Vienna but is based in London. Her items have traveled the internet landing places from one fashion editor to another. 

YKK Project 2014
A/W 2014

Carolin has a active mind in creating shoes as pairs (interchangeable/reversible shoes) For some this seems ridiculous, other amazing.For me they are truly a masterpiece yet not something I would personally wear. However I still am in love with her work.

Unfortunately there success hasn't taken the world by storm and after last year (2014) I have heard little/next to nothing about either of the two. However less of Char than Carolin as this year these heels/shoes surfaced. (I'll be honest not to my liking)
S/S 2015

Check some of their works and google them for further info :)
(all images from the designer's pages and google)

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