1 Am;

For some reason I am currently awake at 1am attempting to tidy up, what is suppose to be my room... but somehow I managed to get miss lead into blogging about this current situation.

 I find that I am easily distracted... by the simplest of things. I leave for a 10 day holiday in around 2 days :/ and my room is still looking like a pig sty.
I've found that over the past few years with the build up of work, college, and moving on and doing an apprenticeship my life has sort of been flipped upside down. This has caused my full room to go in to an overload of items, I literally just have a heap of receipts and letters, a heap of blogging ideas and notes on paper, a huge pill of clothes, an avalanche of makeup across my dresser and then an array of miscellaneous objects.
This current situation doesn't seem like its going to get tackled but I'm trying....

Its crazy how quickly life can get on top of you and how it all starts to amount in your room.
Although I havent managed to tackle this mess just yet I know I will :)

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