Another Poem I Wrote:

Something I wrote, please don't take it to heart or literal. It's just a few thoughts.
Osama Bin Laden was the worlds most wanted.It was all over the news for a week but barley flaunted.Around 10 years later they claimed they had shot him.Showed everyone a bodybag then "threw it". Now he's forgotten?Sadaam Hussein was said to have weapons that noone could see.But that's ok they decided he should be hung, on live tv.ISIS formed because was no one was in control?No there is mass murder, all due to oil and coal?May I ask why it is ok, for you to kill another?When was it ok to kill someone's, daughter, father, son or mother?When you pick up that weapon or make that plan,Do you feel really powerful? Do you feel like a man?And no that isn't sexist or stereotypical.This isn't racist or political.Because women can be involved just as much as men.They can plot murder, who, what, where and when.May I ask when was it ok to point and stare?Just because of race, religion or simply someone's hair?When did it become ok to pick up a gun?When did killing become a game or deemed fun?I understand that people have different values or viewsI understand that the media blows things up, especially the news.I understand that moral panic is a thing of todayAnd that at bombing for oil is apparently the way.But just stop for a minute and think about your life?How would your family feel if you was taken by a knife?When was it for you to choose, when someone should die?When did your religious figure give you a reason why?This world is to be lived in by all born on upon it.So why the are Russia, France, America and Britain bombing when they see fit?Retaliation. An eye for an eye? Fighter jet planes being shot out the sky.Innocent people dead.Pools of blood tattooing the floors.Roses placed in bullet holes, in Windows and doors.And what for all in the name of this?Please tell me your values and why you do it, Isis.No God or figure would create man to kill another of their creations.No god would tell you to go and bomb a train station.

Since they are the one who created this world,Why would they tell you to destroy the nature, man or girl?

May I ask why this world is at war, completely insaneWe all have more purpose than to cause others pain.

By Ellysia Keddy (08/12/2015)

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