Boots Extracts;

So a few days ago I purchased the Boots Extracts Body Sprays. I picked up all three scents;
- Fruity Strawberry
-Luscious Vanilla
-Juicy Mango

I'm a huge fan of scents especially those that are fruity or sweet. I decided to start a new ritual (Sunday Review) so each Sunday I will post a review of a new purchase or product.
Its fair to say when I picked these body sprays up, I noticed the Fair-trade logo upon the bottles, which made me pretty happy.

When I first selected these scents I wasn't to sure about the Vanilla as I have often been disappointed by vanilla scents. However for once I was rather impressed and quite enjoy the scent, I think whats great is it does smell like vanilla however is no where near as strong as other products that I have used previously.
The second scent I selected was Strawberry. I'm more than happy with this one, again this isn't way to strong but just right, but what adds to this is the fact I love strawberry, this makes the product 10x's more on my level.
Finally I must confess that the Mango is definitely my favorite! I absolutely love Mango in almost any product especially body sprays and butters. This one is a perfect capture of the mango essence, I love how it settles as a smell unlike how some sprays smell great when first sprayed but ones on they fade and have a tendency to loose the power of scent.

Each of these sprays have a lasting smell and prove to be greatly convenient to pop in your handbag, to top up as you go along.
As I stated previously these are all made with fair-trade sugars these are sourced from communities in South Africa, to add to this the bottles in which the sprays are in are recyclable, (unfortunately the pumps are not)
Each bottle is £3.50 for 150ml, purchases from Boots.
***£££ There is currently a 3 for 2 offer on meaning all 3 for £7!***

Finally the packaging is lovely, rather simplistic but very appealing. Each bottle a separate colour which coordinates with the specific scent.

I would highly recommend these sprays and will more than definitely purchase again.

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