Christmas time and candles

So it's Christmas time and we all know what this means, winter chills, coal fires, hot chocolate and those cosy socks! Oooo and not to forget; Candles!

 So it's pretty evident that the craze for candles is all the ray. I have to admit I'm slightly addicted to the candle craze, from poundland's own to Yankee candle I've tried a range of scents and brands. But today I picked up a different candle! For just 99p each,I picked up two both in chocolate. These are from lidl and smell just like chocolate when you smell them unlit.

 I have lit one tonight and have to admit the scent isn't massive unless your fairly close at first, however the longer it is burnt the stronger the scent. 
This is honestly amazing for 99p as it burns the soft scent of chocolate built into a scent of melted chocolate which is great. I currently still have the candle burning and it is rather long lasting to say it was so cheap. I would recommend this little find, if you are able to pick one up. 

However I shall admit two of my all time favourite candles are ; Yankee candle in summer scoop And Jelly bean candle in mango.
If you do pick this candle up let me know what you think, and what candle would you recommend?

Thanks for reading,
Much Love,

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