Firstly I wish to welcome My Chic Runway to my blog as a new addition to the ever expanding portfolio of my work!

My Chic Runway is a UK based online clothing site, WHICH does ship worldwide! Today I have a selected piece from the fashion world to speak about, this is a new addition to My chic runway! The pink satin bomber jacket! The bomber jacket had been in and out of the fashion world for years, and it's been nipped, tucked and completely reinvented.

My ChicRunways new addition has a silky satin finish, this jacket screams premium.
The bomber style jacket is most definitely in and has a tendency to stay in. For this review the pink bomber is the one that caught my eye (there is also Burgandy, Kahki, white and blue). At the perfect price of £25.99 this jacket would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe, or perfect for the other half if your a little on the last minute side of Christmas shopping. When it comes to jackets I believe they can be a difficult item to piece together with an outfit, however I've found that a bomber jacket can pull a plain outfit into a more casual look or if you accessories with a chunky gold chain and some Chelsea boots you can create the perfect look for a winter night out.

I have noticed in most recent years the bomber jacket had edged it's way into the light hanging onto the backs of teens and celebrities such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora. This pink piece most definitely would be a great look to wear with some ripped jeans and some heels maybe a pair of white or black, accented with pink and just to top the outfit off a pink clutch with iridescent glitter. 

If your looking for a jacket that isn't to thick but isn't to thin, that can one worn underneath a larger coat or on its own then this is going to be one of your ultimate investments. Link <3   (Click the Heart or the photo above)

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Much love, Ps. Christmas lookbook via My Chic Runway is up and coming!

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