Perfect Purchases;

So today I was super excited to head into TK Maxx and pick up two purchases which I'm super happy with. I have to admit I have a total love hate relationship with TK Maxx I either go in and find some absaloute steals or find nothing at all, there is no inbetween.

So today I picked up;
                                 - Stila Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss in the shade 'Kitten'
                                 - Khroma Beauty- in the shade 'Raw Honey' (Kardashian Makeup Line)

In terms of the Stila Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss these lip glosses come in clear, cylinder tubes stereotypical to lip-glosses, each has a reflective silver handle which are all perfectly accented with a gold heart pattern as a band around the rim. For me this packaging is super cute and rather elegant its a rather simple but effective design. In terms of the applicator, there isn't much to say only that it is as expected the slanted doe-foot shape and is rather flexible. I would personally give this packaging a 9/10 its elegant yet simple.

Quality for me is rated again at a 9/10 I currently only own 'Kitten' this is a Golden Rose shade in the tube however once it has been applied the product is a clear/translucent shimmer with the iridescent glitter. From other reviews and swatches in-stores  I would say that all of the Magnificent Metal Lip Glosses are translucent in color however contain a ton of sparkle.

As for the formula these lip glosses have body and fortunately they are not sticky, tacky or thick. This formula is much more lightweight and smooth or as some would say emollient, these glosses keep the lips rather moisturised. There is no issues with the formula of this gloss however if you rub your lips together you can feel the glitter particles slightly.

These are perfect both on their own or layered over a lipstick. 
It must be noted that these glosses don't contain strong pigmentation, however personally I would say this is expected of lip glosses. 
I personally love the fact that the applicator doesn't drag out a tonne of product which often gets wasted or is over thick/layered on. However again it must be noted that form it takes two dips to cover my lips fully. For ease of use I would give this lip gloss a 9/10.

Stila ( Company's Description)- A metallic lip lacquer with a bold, multidimensional shimmer finish. Give lips ultrashine with Stila’s Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss. Inspired by the runway and precious jewels, this lip formula is infused with conditioners and micro-fine pearls that leave lips with a luxurious, satin-shimmer finish. It looks perfect when worn alone, or layer it over your favorite lipstick for added drama.

Moving on to the Khroma Beauty Lipgloss, the design for this lipgloss again follows the each has a reflective rose gold handles these lip glosses come in clear, cylinder tubes stereotypical to lip-glosses.The packaging/design is rather busy, it consists of the honey comb design in rose gold (Shown in the image below). For design I would give it an 8/10 simply because it is rather busy.

These lipglosses are know as 'Honey Stick Lipglosses' reason being... thats right you guessed it they smell like honey, I personally have never imagined a honey smelling lipgloss and in an odd way I both like and dislike it, for some odd reason I like the smell more so in the morning less so on an evening (Strange I Know). These are available in several shades however I currently only own 'Raw Honey' however hopefully I will be picking up another later in the week. 

Within the packaging  the lipgloss is seen a a pearlesent nude, this is less pigmented shade when on however it has some nice shimmer and is a great lipgloss. For this lipgloss as a whole I'll give it a 8/10 the lipgloss goes on soft and looks great, this similarly would look great on its own or over the top of lipstick. 

Overall I'm rather happy with these purchases and would recommend both of the products, I have another upcoming similar post within the week.

Thanks for reading all,
Much Love,


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