So it's finally here my long awaited Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette! (Video) 
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The Urban Decay Vice 4 Eyeshadow Palette (£43)  launched with the Urban Decay Holiday 2015 Collection as you may or may not know!

I believe that Urban Decay was one of the first brands to get their Holiday Collection up and live as other brands brought them out several days later.

When I heard about the release I knew it was something that I needed to purchase however as you all know £43 is pretty pricey for an eyeshadow palette. So I waited a while and originally was to purchase last month with a 10% however opted for other purchases, however this month I picked the palette up at a 12% so I picked up this bad boy for £37.84. 
The Urban Decay Vice 4 Eyeshadow Palette is the new, limited edition palette in the Vice collection, this contains twenty new and limited edition shades although you might find slight dupes in old Urban Decay palettes you may already own. 
In my personal Opinion this is probably their best packaging design, its cute and totally gives off the shattered glass effect, the double layering on the lid definitely creates a 3D effect. As for the colour its a blend of greens, purples and blues which similarly portrays the shades inside the palette.
I love the little pouch that it comes in aswell, the large the mirror is a huge bonus and great for if you're travelling as it is big enough to do full face makeup rather than the smaller mirrors just for eyes etc.
If sparkle and Glitter is your thing then the Vice 4 Is probably a palette for you. as I said this palette contains 20 shades 4 of which are matte.

The Image to the left is the obviously the palette, unfortunately due to image quality the image to the right doesn't show Bones, Framed and Discreet very well, these are the four matte shades. I have to be honest these aren't the best shades and my least favorite in the palette,.Apart from bitter, this is a matte shade which creates a brick look I believe is perfect for Autumn. 

The image to the left is the second row on the palette above, The first shade Grip is rather faint but looks great on and works well as part of a smokey eye.
The second shade 'Fast-ball' again isn't shown great on this image but the pigmentation is great and super cute for a girly look maybe valentines day.
Next is 'Grasshopper' this is super pigmented and has a great payoff. Unfortunately as stated above this image doesn't do these shades justice. Lastly is 'Flame' this is a super pigmented glitter shade, it works great with the Matte shade 'bitter' creating a great burnt look or even a crisp autumn leaf look.

The image to the right again is the row of shades on the image to the left. These four shades are super pigmented and glittery. The shades are ' Deadbeat, 1985, C-Note and Low' my favorite shade is 1985 its got high pigmentation and this shade is super complimenting to the eyes. 

The shades are ' beatdown, Underhand, Arctic and Crowbar' my favorite shade is Arctic its got high pigmentation, just overall is a shade that is worth every penny!

All these shades are beautiful and work well together.

Finally, the image below is the last row of shades and these are beautiful shades, 'Pandemonium, Harlot, Robbery, Delete' I believe Pandemonium and Delete would work great in smokey eyes on the outer edge, blended into the crease. Harlot would work great with the shade 1985. The shade 'Robbery' is a great inner corner shade blended out into the center and a light undereye.

Overall this palette is a great palette, it has a mixture of shade and contains mattes and shimmers. The palette is one of the best for the glitters and shimmers, majority of the shades are glittery and are greatly pigmented. Unfortunately the mattes aren't the greatest which is a slight let down, but overall I'm happy and would recommend this palette to anyone. 

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