EBAY Finds 101; This months Edit!

Its no secret that eBay is one of my favorite sites and that its a great site to grab some brilliant bargains. 
On a rare occasion I may purchase something that I end up disliking, but as I say that is only on a rare occasion. I have purchased many products in the past in which I may do a Past Purchases post, to give you a look at what I've accumulated. Its a brilliant place for those on a budget.

I would like to disclaim that many items may have been purchased a while back, however most products here are international but come with free delivery without any custom charges! Shipping sometimes is slow but so far I've always been 100% satisfied and I have mostly received my orders in the stated time and in perfect condition, there has been an odd time items haven't arrived or have been damaged but every single time the seller has either re-shipped out an item and/or refunded fully or partly. 
I would also disclaim that I am in no way shape or form a promoter or commissioned from ebay or any of their sellers.

So for one of my edits this month I am going to be reviewing one Ebay purchase per week, each edit will consist of images and a rating out of 5. 
I will list with a price and either a link to the listing or a similar listing, I must state that prices will vary as some items have been purchased on an auction. 

The finds will range from eyelashes to skirts, jewellery to bags, and makeup and storage solutions 
but what's great about ebay  is that I can go on a shopping spree with only a few pounds to spare and still come away with a fair few items! 
For the budgeteers, students and just plain bargain hunters out there, or those that don't really care too much about using branded products, this bargain hunter edit  might just be what you've been needing.

 All of these will either be written with 'buy it now or auction ' in the post. Prices will rang from less than £1 up to around £20 and most are free postage and packaging.

Most of the posts will  be about A specific item in a range of shades and some may consist of 5 or more smaller items.

So if you're a bargain hunter, makeup, fashion, lifestyle lover then this edit will be for you!
Much Love,



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