EBAY FINDS| Week 2| 38 Liquid Lipsticks!!

So its that time again! Bay Finds| Week 2! This week is a review in my order of 38 Liquid Lipsticks. 

Recently I purchased a bundle of 38 liquid lipsticks, following last weeks post on the 60 pigments and glitters. Basically I ordered a bundle of products each arrived at different stages. So this weeks eBay find is as I've said liquid lipsticks.

Firstly I must disclaim that on the listing these are listed as lip glosses, this is also written on the tubes. I personally do not believe that they are lip glosses as they are much thicker and have a lot more pigmentation making them less glossy. Also they dry matte which is unlike lip glosses.

I have yet to use all the of the 38 shades,however I have watched and tries a fair few of the shades,each one is different with the odd few that are closely similar.
In this post I will only give an overview of the shades, however I will write a separate edit of each set of (10) or there about, in that edit I will do an in-depth description of the individual shades

1 to 10
The first batch 1 to 10 has a range of tones, I love 1 and 5 these are super pigmented and complement the lips. Both 2 and 3 are fairly similar, both fall in to the coral pink tone.
In terms of shades I love the fact that there is a vast amount of shades, however it must be kept in mind that a majority of the shades are pinks. These range from pales, deep tones, Hot pinks and Neon.
I personally would have much preferred to have more nude and beige tones, as well as maybe a few coral tones.
In terms of the packaging each shade is a cylinder tube decorated with a band just below the lid, from my own research I found that these lipsticks are similarly known as the 'me now lip glosses'. On the packaging of the set I purchased the brand name reads 'Danimer' however from youtube videos, Ebay searches and research I found that they are exactly the same, the listings even use the same swatch images and some even use the same images of the product itself. The packaging is plastic giving a sleek feel and look. I personally think these lips would look create in holders as a collection on a vainty.
The second set shades 11-20 are less on the bright side, apart from shade 14 which is an orange lip, this is very out there and not the normal shade that I would pick up. However this is definitely something I would be willing to try out and test!

The set of liquid lip glosses came in a package which was bubble wrap inside. I personally wouldn't say they were in the greatest packing for transportation but non were damaged so therefore I'm happy.  
In terms of shades 21-30 these lipsticks are more on the warm side, with more deep tones, I find that these tones will work on most however work better with a lip liner. These tones are very hit and miss in terms of personal preference I believe that you will either love them or hate them, there may be the oddball who's in the middle and is 50/50 but personally I believe thats unlikely. I love these lippies but I must stated that I probably won't use all the shades on myself just simply due to skin tone, colour preference and Past experience with particular shades.


Finally is shades 31-38 these are a mixed bunch, they range from deep browns with reddish undertones into, hot pink, and neon shades. I don't often wear neon shades just because I find them way to out there and often have difficulty matching them to the rest of my makeup however this doesn't stop me on a rare occasion popping a neon pink on to make an overall look pop and I think the neons such as shades 31,37 and 38 are perfect to fit that category.

Overall there is a large range of shades, ranging from cool subtle shades into the dark and bold shades within each colour set. I personally like these liquid lipsticks. However depending on what listing you grab them off it can be worth the price.
I paid £15.77 with free delivery.which I don't think is to bad and due to the factor that they was a little late due to the christmas period they refunded me 4.77 for the delay meaning I only really paid £11! As i've said before ebay is so hit and miss but most sellers are brilliant!

In terms of formula these lipsticks are fairly thick, they go on quiet smooth, these do dry matte which isnt to everyones liking and to be honest I can't wear these everyday as they aren't mosturising and I tend to have fairly dry lips especially in the winter weather.

Rating ;

As for overall rating I would give these a 3and a half out of 5. These are great for the price and go a long way, the reason I haven't given it a 5 star rating is for a few small reasons such as the factor that the they are called lip glosses yet I don't believe they are, also they are all matte this is a downfall because I don't use it everyday, aswell as the fact they aren't the best  I have ever tried. However they are a brilliant cheaper option/alternative to other Liquid Lipsticks such as M.A.C, Essence and/or Bourjouis etc.

If you wish to purchase here is the same product but different listing (LINK) please note that prices may change and vary and if you are reading this post at a later date this listing may have finished. If you need help don't hesitate to email me on missdaintyk@gmail.com!

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  1. Gorgeous I love liquid lipsticks they are so bright and colourful!

  2. Love the colors! I might have to try these too! You make me want to go on a makeup shopping spree lol


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