Happy New Year!

Well hello everybody! It's here 2016! Its crazy to think that 2015 has been and gone along with all the memories and people that have been left behind with it.  Its fair to say that everyone will have had ups on downs throughout the year and I'm no exception, however I have thoroughly enjoyed my year minus one or two hiccups.

So for today's post I decided to firstly do a reflection post, a beginning of positivity and all good things to come, I am then going to create a second post today on goals and plans. I'm ready to start the year with an organised view and plan.

So I'm going to start with January 2015;

During January I had the regular bulk of birthdays and parties to attend. I then had my 1st year anniversary with the lovely boyfriend, which was a perfect start to the year.

Febuary 2015;

This again began with birthdays this one being the boyfriends 18th, this was followed by his birthday bash. A great second month spent with friends and family, this obviously was matched with valentines day.

March 2015;

If I am perfectly honest I can't remember much of march I'm not sure if anything significant. I'm not the best with dates but I can remember events as in what happened but I can rarley remember set dates.

April 2015;
In this month I don't remember much mainly because I was so excited about the fact myself and the boyfriend booked our first holiday this being our first independent holiday with out 'parents/adult' I know responsible right! Whats more impressive is the fact we genuinely booked the whole holiday by ourselves. (Not including the hotel and travel the night before ...  all thanks to the boyfriends lovely family)

May 2015;
In May a couple adventures took place, 1 being May 7th - Cody Simpson in Birmingham which was great and I was stood front row. This was such a great experience. This was later followed by Lucy Spraggan on the 09th  this trip to Newcastle was great experience especially for the shopping.

June 2015;
During june I can't remember much of the days only those when my family visited from australia, it was so great to see them again after 4 years. Its crazy how much people grow and change. I miss them all so much and hope to see them soon.

July 2015; 
On the 25th of July I went to see Derren Brown with the boyfriend, this was amazing and definitely a great experience. I honestly would recommend attending one of his shows if you can. I attended a couple of 18th birthdays during that time and purchased the IPod 6th Generation.

August 2015;
To kick start august I enjoyed watching the Luke Campbell vs Tommy Cole boxing fight on the Television. I did a shopping trip to Leeds and purchased some new bedroom furniture. I received my final second year results from college and yes to some this isn't big but to me it was.... Pretty Little Liars Finale! Also during august I had 2 family birthdays (Grandads and Brother). Oh and I managed to fit several trips to bowling into this month too. As well as attend a large house party, glasses appointment and a spot of last minute holiday shopping.

September 2015;
Well in September  I decided to book a nail appointment the day before my holiday, I hate the after outcome of your nails when the acrylics come off, however before they are beautiful and look glam and classy. In terms of the holiday it was from the 5th of September to the 15th of September. I had a wonderful experience including, Salou, Costa Caribe, Portaventura and all the inbetween. Also in September I left my Call Centre job and continued full time business administrator and blogging in my spare time. Followed by the little sisters birthday.

October 2015;
October was pretty quiet consisting of work and the well awaited Hull Fair, the fair that comes once a year, filling my belly with sweets, food and brandy snap. Several gatherings at friends  and to finish it all of I hosted a halloween party, which was such a laugh.

November 2015;
To start this month of went to watch England Vs New Zeland, which was a storm of a game... mainly for the haka ;)! A brief few gatherings and a few fireworks for bonfire night. On the 13th as many will know Justin Biebers, Purpose album was release ... Beautiful. This was followed by a huge heartbreak the final part to Mocking Jay, this has been a batch of films which have been part of my life for a good few years.

December 2015; 
This was one of my busiest months firstly on the 1st of December was my 19th birthday, despite not having a massive one a few drinks with a few friends in the local suited me fine.
On the 12th I went to see Mumford and Sons one of the greatest concerts of all times and was at the front standing which made the experience all the better.

Well that was my year, there are obviously millions of bit missing because my brain is like a sieve but it has most definitely been a smashing year and to say my blog has begun to take of in that year is a blessing, I have loved every minute of blogging and hope to progress, build and grow in 2016. So thank you all so much for your love and support.

Thanks for reading,
Much Love,


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