M.A.C Velvet Teddy

Finally after the long wait, I have finally managed to bag myself the lovely Velvet Teddy by M.A.C, this is most definitely not new to the makeup world and has be ranted and raved about. Although I don't always like writing about everything that has already been done this is most definitely a holy grail that needs a dedicated spot on my blog.

In terms of the formula,although it is a matte formula, it is surprisingly not  drying on my lips. This is contrary to what I have heard others have experienced, this lipstick actually feels soft on my lips! 
When working on the lips it can be difficult especially if you don't know what shades work and which don't. 

This Formula I would say it is pretty good for will power in staying on. In terms of shades I would say that this is a very nude shade and has more brown tones it has been said that this is a pink toned matte. I think this would look great underneath a reddish lip liner base, this is the perfect Kylie Jenner lip colour, this can be both brought down to a more subtle shade or more bold. To create a more subtle shade use a lighter lip liner in a cream or beige nude, for a bolder lip look a dark brown or a darker nude would work perfectly.

Another note on the formula this lipstick glides on without tugging on lips excessively. 

It is overall a great lipstick! However I do notice that it tends to look different on my other friends with slightly different skin tones. 
This lippy is also a colour that’s close to the Kylie Jenner liptrend, and as you may have heard it was the word on the street that this was the lippy Kylie was/is using. So if you’re into that, don’t pass this baby up! The texture of this lipstick is very nice and the colour payoff is also amazing, so I don’t have really any bad things to say about it. Once again, an awesome MAC lipstick!

In terms of  the packaging of M.A.C  lipsticks. The simple black and silver colour scheme is simplistic yet rather sleek and elegant. The only downside is that it is difficult to know which shade you have without turning it upside-down or taking off the lid. This could be annoying if you have a large MAC lipstick collection.  Quick question to all my readers, do you keep your mac boxes or not... I so far have and oddly I don't wish to dispose of them.

To the left is a swatch of velvet teddy and as stated above it is a very nude shade and has more brown tones it has been said that this is a pink toned matte, however it is described as 'Deep toned beige' by M.A.C which I would probably agree with. its very sleek when gliding it on.

As you may or may not know this costs £15.50 as do most M.A.C lipsticks unless you can catch them on debenhams or House of Fraser when they have 10% or more discount. This can sometimes be promoted on their website or if you just have a quick scan of the internet you may find other discount codes.

Overall this lipstick is great and I love it personally and I would reccommend it, If you liked this post your in for a treat as I have over 10 reviews upcoming!

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  1. I have never tried a Mac lipstick. I have always wanted to though. That color is BEAUTIFUL!


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