EBAY FINDS Week 1| Glitters & Pigments|

So a while back I purchased 60 pigments and Glitters from ebay. This was a risk simply because of the way that eBay works,  as some might know ebay can be really hit and miss. This can either be because the products aren't always the best and/or they don't arrive.
However this was an order that I was rather happy with, I received all 60 pigments and glitters in great condition, within the estimated arrival time. (However it must be noted that this can take anywhere from 1 week up to 4/5) so if you are patient and can wait that long, then I recommend these, if not then try to look for a UK seller or a seller in your country this can bump the price up.
The only issue I found with these is the fact that the pots are rather small. This however was only a minor issue as when I began to swatch the pigments, I realised that you don't need a lot at all as these go a long way.  * It must be noted that these are 10 times better when used wet than when they have been used dry as they give of a much better payoff and better pigmentation.*
Either way wet and dry you can create the perfect gradient look, using the blending technique.

These pigments and glitter are great however there are a fair few shades of each colour, these are not identical but each colour types, such as pinks, greens, blues have a range of shads.
Each pigment is full of colour below are the images to each colour with the various shades in each colour set.

 To the left is the blue set. In this set there is a range of cool tone blues ranging into a royal blue. I believe that there is roughly a pigment to each glitter, so each blue has a similar glitter to match. I would personally say that the Royal Blue is very dark and highly pigmented , the cooler toned blues such as the baby blue is more pale and potentially would need layering in order to create more pigmentation.

The next shade is Silvers, white and Grey scale tones. I would say I put this set together much like a gradient scale, (from white into grey) I like these shades as the pigments work great as transition shades, I would say that the glitters would work great to add a pop of colour/glam on to any eye look.

The next set of shades is the Greens these range from moss green to mint then into emerald. I would personally say that the actually pigments and glitters themselves are great, however I personally don't use greens that much on myself. However I have a fair few friends and family whom do and I often experiment and do their eye looks. I think from the swatches and the looks of the pigments in the pots this is the first time I've loved green tones and potentially may want to do a couple eye looks with these.

The fourth set of shades is a mix of golds and yellows. Any of these shades are great and I can't wait to do some tester looks with them. I am especially loving the yellow tones they're going to be great for summer. The next tones in this mix are the golds these go great with most other shades and work great on a smokey eye, to cover the lid, perfect to add that bit of pop!

*TOP TIP; Don't dip the brushes into the pigment pots themselves provided, I find that it is best to put  a little bit of the pigments into a separate pot or palette with water to avoid ruining the whole pigment.*

The next shades are the largest set these are the pink tones, these shades vary from pale/baby pinks into hot and neon pinks. I personally think that there is more than enough shades of pink.  As well as the fact that every single pink pigment is different and there are no duplicates. I think you can either make a subtle look or a really bright bold look with the pinks as well as an in between or mix of both.

To the left is the shades of oranges, reds and coppers. Again similarly to the silver, whites and greys, these are great transition shades. They work well for fiery looks, as well as brilliant for an evening look. The bright orange glitter is super bold, I personally are not sure if I would wear this but it is potentially much like the green tones which would be a great bold look, that I can see a tester look coming from.

Purples and Lilacs is the next set, I don't often use purples but I honestly love these lilac tones, they remind me of lavender and I literally am loving them. To be honest the first 2 shades are fairly similar and I'd say these are the first to shades that are very close, however for the most part the shades are different.

The final set of shades are the darker tones, such as the browns and blacks. The browns are a larger quantity of this set, the shades range from tawny, walnut to chocolate. I love brown tones they are great warm tones and blend well with literally every shade. Especially with the gold tones for creating the perfect smokey eye.

Overall there is a large range of shades, ranging from cool subtle shades into the dark and bold shades withing each colour set. I personally love these pigments and I think they are worth the money you pay. 
I paid £9.77 with free delivery. So far I haven't exactly figured out how to use the glitters. I have only used them wet and mixed with pigments which has kind of works, but over the night the fall out is obvious, so if you have any ideas how to do this please let me know!

In terms of formula the pigments have a bit of fall out when applied, this can depend on the brush but so far I have used the real techniques starter kit (Link). As for the glitters some are large particles and can feel quite harsh on the eyes, I would say you need to be careful how you apply them, avoiding to get them into your eyes.

Rating ;

As for overall rating I would give these a 4 out of 5. These are great for the price and go a long way, the reason I haven't given it a 5 star rating is for a few small reasons such as the factor that the pots are rather small, they aren't the best pigments I have ever tried. However they are a brilliant cheaper option/alternative to other pigments such as M.A.C etc.

Thanks for reading,
Much Love


-Let me know what you think and if you try these out for yourself.

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  1. I have been wanting to get lose glitters to try on my eyes. I am a glitter freak haha!


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