The new face of womenswear Louis Vuitton;

So as you may or may not have heard, there is a new face of womenswear in Louis Vuitton. This has caused both anger and happiness, dependant on the person you all will determine your feeling for this. 

Jaden Smith is the new face of womenswear and yes. you have read that completely right. I am talking about Will Smiths sons Jaden Smith. In terms of Jaden you don't often hear about in the media, however I remember in May last year (2015) it was said that Jaden wore a dress to Prom, now for some this is confusing as it is still believe Jaden is Straight and is not a cross dresser more so a fashion Icon. Personally I see no issue with his dress sense although its not for some. 

However in the recent outburst in the Caitlyn Jenner transgender topic, we have seen a man win the woman of the year award without even being a woman for a year? personally Ig against Caitlyn however I totally agree that it isn't really fair to award a man or a transgender of less than a year and award for a woman of the year. I have seen many other women over the years who deserve that position far more and haven't' received it. I don't believe that Caitlyn has much of any significants to the women world and therefore doesn't deserve the award. Recently i have read that many are comparing the the new face of women wear to be like the Caitlyn jenner situation andy this is very similar however I believe the fact that he knows the gender boundaries and is opting to break the stereotype that dresses are for women is a great thing, I would also say the same thing if Caitlyn had done something of some significants.

The shots of Louis Vuitton's SS16 women's ad campaign have been posted on Nicolas Ghesquière's Instagram account, in these Jaden is seen in a moto jacket (black, a beige crochet, fringed top and a metal skirt; Image below;

however Jaden isn't the first to be seen in womenswear others such as Jared-Leto, Young Thug and Kanye West have all been seen flaunting womenswear so why is Jaden any different?
 Non-binary fashion is in full throttle; designers like Hood by Air, Nicopanda, Saint Laurent, Astrid
Anderson, Rick Owens, JW Anderson, Acne, Vetements, and Gucci have been challenging what men can wear by putting male models in everything from heels and crop tops to dresses and skirts.
Is this the next step to breaking gender boundaries and stereotypes? Is 2016 the beginning of pure equality? Some are arguing that this is outrageous to call it womenswear and have a man advertising it... What do you think??

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