After a long wait I decided it was time to pick up a YSL lipstick to add to the ever growing collection of lippys. Personally I love high-end makeup but really hate the price and rarely blow my money on high-end makeup and I have to admit that I really had to argue with myself in order to buy this Lipstick because lets be honest for the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks the price ranges from £22-£26+, which is rather above board. I managed to pick this bad boy up for £21 in the airport on the way to spain. This made me more forgiving to myself about the purchase however its still a large amount of money for one lipstick. 
In terms of the product as a whole I ADORE the packaging! The gold case just makes it a must have in a girls collection.
The gold curvature structure, has an intricate carving of the Yves Saint Laurent Logo. The golden metallic tube is adorned with an intricate ring to discreetly reveal the shade

I picked up the YSL Rouge Volupte in the shade 1 I believe Number 1 is known as 'Nude Beige' I seriously love the formula, its so soft and glides on so easily and evenly... however this is not for those with dry lips, I myself often suffer with dry lips and find that like most lip products a lipstick highlights the cracks and breaks of your dry lips and this one is no different. I must state though that although it doesn't look the best with the dry lips it feels great on dry lips! I often use this as a go to lippy perfect for a nude/neutral lip. It helps to build on the natural lips without looking to fake.
In terms of the wear time I would say this lippy takes a long time to dry and therefore eating and drinking is at your own risk. 
***TIP; use a tissue split into a thin layer over your lips then dust a translucent powder over ***
the top, this will mattify the lipstick and help speed up the drying time.
Another thing I love about this lipstick is the fragrance, I wouldn't say this is perfumed as such but to me this literally has the scent that reminds me of watermelon!

Rouge Volupte is still one of the more popular lipstick formulas on the market, and it’s a range that YSL has continued to expand and release additional shades for since it initially launched,The formula is very creamy with a high degree of slip, is medium-weight and slightly thick compared to the average lipstick, and is typically opaque on lips. Because of their creaminess, full color coverage is possible in one stroke with many shades. The finish is glossy and shiny, which gives lips a smoother appearance.

The shade is a pinky-beige with warm undertones and a soft shine. I personally much prefer my lips to be lined when using this lipstick. 
As I said previously I would say this lippy is a little on the pricey side and therefore I would suggest that you look about, the best way to find a dupe is to go into stores such as House of fraser and swatch lipsticks either on yourself or take some pastel paper, this paper is used for pastel drawings and these have a similar texture to lippies, therefore the color takes to the paper, this way you can swatch away and compare cheaper dupes!

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