EBAY FINDS| Week 3| Make Up Brushes!!!

So after Week 1 and 2 being such a hit, receiving the most views on my blog ever! I have decided to keep it going! 
So now we're at EBAY FINDS| Week 3| Make Up Brushes!!!

Often I have difficulty in different brushes and find that some of even the most highly rated brushes aren't the best and sometimes have fall out which can be a pain especially when it the fall out is in your foundation. This often means I spend ages looking at reviews on different brushes and even then end up back at the start with no clue what to purchase. So i'v plunged into ebay and decided to help out the internet world about which cheap brushes are worthy of your money.

The first set I purchased was this 4 piece eye-shadow set, I honestly love this set! without a doubt it was worth the 99p that I paid with free postage. I was very very optimistic about this as 99p is very cheap for 4 brushes and I will admit that I was shocked by the quality, these have no fallout and are rather structured. I have found that the blending brushes are great and work well, however they do pick up alot of pigmentation and product which sometimes means that you loose some product however they are buildable and they work really well.

 Each brush is slightly different from the next and each works individual in its own way. These are most definitely worth the 99p!

Rating ;

As for overall rating I would give these a 5 out of 5. These are great for the price and great quality. In comparison to some of my other brushes I have found that they are great in comparison to many other brushes even some of the high-end brushes that I have purchased such as some of the real techniques, elf and sigma.

The next set is probably my least favorite of the bundles that I have purchased, this being good but not the best in comparison to the others I have purchased.

This was a 15 piece set however I accidently mixed in another brush (Far Right) these brushes are not the best quality and in comparison to my other purchases are on the lower end of the rating scale. 
I have


  1. I need to get more brushes but I don't know whats good or bad so I just use a cheap beauty sponge mostly lol. This was very informative though. I might have to look into the first set.

    1. Honestly I love them, they are super cheap and worth it!x


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