Something I wrote a while back;

I'm at war with myself,
And everybody else.
And I'm losing my own battle, this never ending war,
There is no justice, there is no love law.
There is no hope just conflict and heartbreak,
No saving one another's feelings for their sake.
No holding on just letting go,
No opening up, no yes... Just no.
Happy memories, broken futures, for there used to be but no more,
A broken heart, a damaged mind and a gaping hole for my core.
No love gained, only love lost,
And taking one risk you knew would cost.
Forgive and forget they keep on saying,
But it would be different if it was them paying.
If they was hurt and they were me,
They'd soon understand, they'd soon see.
I'm just broken in pieces trying to mend myself,
And straighten my mind from creases.
I love you and you used to love me too,
But you've changed your him not you.
Holding on to photographs,
Holding on to faded laughs.
Holding on to 'we could last',
Knowing that it's just should
Knowing it's just could.
Always having doubts,tearing at the heart,
Not being able to understand the finish from the start.
Where do I go? What do I do?
I've not known anything other than you,
Holding on to photographs,
Holding on to faded laughs.
Holding on to 'how it seems',
Holding on to should have beens.
Yet we should be letting go,
And that's something we both know.
We are no longer one, were now two,
Two different people not us just me and you.
Let's face the facts I was never good enough,
I was weak and you were tough.
You were my podium and you stood tall,
I was a broken wall, crumbled and small.
You held me up, then kicked me down,
With no emotion, no smile, no frown.
These spectral walls of self security have faded fast,
And the false hope of love could last.
I guess this really is goodbye,
I hope she makes you the happiest guy.

This is a piece I wrote a while back
© 2016 MissDaintyK (  ) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


  1. Omg! Wow! I am speechless! This is amazing!. Please do the world a favor and NEVER stop writing!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I have a lot handwritten, all sorted I've only ever put two on the Internet x


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