Makeup Revolution; #RoseGoldLipsticks

As you may or may not have heard Makeup Revolution have just released a collection of 5 Rose Gold Lippies! The packaging is definitely to die for!

Right now rose gold is all the ray, from phones, jewelry, gadgets and gizmos why no bring out matching makeup products? I most definitely love that moment that things piece together in your handbag ... it just sort of makes you feel complete. That's why these little bad boys are most certainly going straight in my handbag!

 Currently this collection only has 5 shades these are as follows;
- Girls Bestfriend
-Red Carpet
-Private Members Club
-Diamond Life
Each one is cased in the round topped rose gold casing, which really gives of that elegant look. Rose Gold is most definitely in right now and everyone's ranting and raving about this colour trend. As expected from makeup revolution each lippy has the sample  shade attached to the bottom, making the hunt for the perfect shade so much easier.

I think there is definitely something from everyone, from your everyday nude to your pink, red and even your dark vamp
 purple shade. I personally love them all. I have to add that these are only £3, so who wouldn’t buy them all! Right?

The first shade is "Girls Bestfriend" this is a hot pink shade which is sheer when using one layer but completely buildable. I would say that this shade is close to the M.A.C Fusion Pink and would more than likely pull of as a dupe for it.
I would say its more sheer than Fusion Pink and could potentially be seen as a dupe for Yum Yum especially when layered up!
However this is probably the shade that I am least likely to wear out of them all, just because I don't believe Hot Pink suits me, however it is most definitely amazing and with a couple of layers you'll definitely stand out. 

Moving on the next shade is 'Red Carpet' and by gosh is this a beautiful red. I again would say this applies to them all when I say the colour is buildable and is a sheerer colour at first. This may be to some peoples preferences and others not, but for me I love it when a lippy is buildable simply because it allows you to have a variation of shades in which you can switch and change how sheer or dark you have the shade. 

 I would say this shade is bright, bold and  I'd also  say sexy. 
It is a shade you can rock on a night out or just a evening after work. I would say this is of a creamy consistency and applies really well. I think this works better with a lip liner just add to the boldness.
I would say this is of a creamier consistency than M.A.C Red and more so matches the  M.A.C Lady bug shade.

Next is 'Private Members Club' This a deep, dark purple shade which I am in love with. This shade would work perfect on a date night, this could even work well as an ombre lip, paired with diamond life. This shade is very deep and would stand out with both natural and dramatic makeup. 
Since I've been comparing each lipsticks to a similar M.A.C dupe so I would say that 'Private Members Club'  is similar to M.A.C Sequin or Hang-up.
When this Rose Gold edit was released it has been said that they’re comparable to a Gerrard cosmetics bullet but these are much rosier. 
In terms of size, each bullet contains 3.2 grams of product. These are pricey by £2.00 than Makeup Revolutions classical line and has a little less product, however as all beauty gurus, makeup collectors, makeup artists and bloggers know.. sometimes the packaging speaks for itself in the value.

This next shade is literally beautiful, This berry Vamp shade is literally to die for.
This shade is 'Diamond is Life' this shade is  perfect  evening shade and perfect all seasons but best suited to autumn. Its such a lush shade which is similar to M.A.C Rebel. 
Again as mentioned previously I would say that this shade is totally buildable but needs less layering, similarly to 'Private Members Club'  than the other three shades.
However this shade can still be built on. This shade looks amazing ombre with several shade such as; Red, Purple or even a coral shade.

The final shade is 'Chauffeur' this the nude shade of this little collection and has most definitely been a hit with everyone as it sold out pretty quick. This has sold out several times unlike the other shades and is very in the now. 
This shade has been said to be close to the kylie jenner lip.
This shade is similar to M.A.C Myth.

A creamy nude which is so easy to apply, lasts a few hours and doesn’t take much to apply it. I love how wearable this shade is and it works perfectly when lined with a coral or deep pink nude.
 The formula is very thick but can be streaky if you apply too much. This shade can be blended and can be made slightly matte with some tissue with some translucent powder.

Below is the an image of swatches starting with  Girls Bestfriend, Red Carpet, Private Members Club, Diamond Life, Chauffeur. 

As you can see each shade is wonderful, this little set is the perfect essentials collection. The red,pink, purple, berry and nude which all piece together and look amazing as a collection on a dresser!

Overall I would say these lippies are a perfect addition to any collection and are essential shades meaning that there is something for everyone. This set are buildable and can be worn with or without lipliners. 
Packaging I would say 10/10, I would give the formulas 9/10 and the colours 10/10.

Overall 9.5/10 for this gorgeous collection.
Let me know if you manage to pick these up and what you think of them!

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