Who am I currently in the mix with?

After a long time coming, I have decided to branch out and work on my connections and collaborations, I have decided to update you guys on who I am currently working with. 
I wish to state to all readers than non of my current work is paid, this is a soul passion of mine and I am currently working with small companies which may not have been heard of by many.
I have decided to list a few of their names and a brief about them as a company just to give you a heads up on what is to come. Some companies have contacted and I am yet to discuss actions with these.
I write all posts honestly and would not post about anything I didn't honestly feel and this is why these are all unpaid. I have honestly turned down companies as I don't feel I like or aren't truthfully advertise.

1- My Chic Runway; You may have already seen several different collaboration posts with these. I absolutely love their style and each of their pieces. 

2- Blank Canvas Mag; This is a local mag which I have been working with for a while, this company share my work, in relation to fashion, art or music. This is unpaid but is something more close to home that I like to do!

3- Premium Apparel- A company I briefly collaborated with in my first few months of blogging. 

4- Chanel Joan Elkayam; A current connection, whom I am in contact with regularly a wonderful designer, aged just 18! Who recently showcased her second collection at Paris fashion week. 

5- Mitch Desuina - A wonderful designer whom I met at london fashion week, featured within my London Fashion Week post.

6- Haus-Of MoHawk- Another designer whom I met at london fashion week, also featured within my London Fashion Week post.

7- Wolfgang Gieler- A shoe designer whom I met at London fashion week, hopefully upcoming collaboration to come.

8- Kelly & Co- Another designer from London Fashion week, with creations that are beautiful.

9- Aspira Clothing- A lovely company which I have been in discussion for a while, in which I have just had the first order put in so post coming within the next few weeks.

10- Gattioni Cosmetics- A Skin care line whom have contacted in relation to some upcoming posts!

There are a few companies which I am currently in discussion with but I am unaware as to the next step of action and therefore have not placed them in this list.

If you wish to discuss collaborations or any other business inquires please find me on any of the following;

Blogger| MissDaintyK 

Find me on;
Alternative Email; missdaintyk@gmail.com


Miss Dainty K is a personal blog and all opinions expressed are honest opinions based on my experience. Advertisements and links displayed throughout this blog may contain affiliate links. This will not negatively effect readers shopping experience in any way, and affiliate links are never included if I believe the product is of no interest to readers and or is not of my own personal interest.

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