Hey Daintys,

As you may or may not know there are somethings in this beauty world that you just shouldn't do.
Some of use do them and hey that's down to us, but are you committing some of the ultimate beauty crimes? I can't say I haven't...

Swatching! Do you swatch on the back of your hand?

Stop! You should not be doing that! Joking.. well you can but you shouldn't. The backs of our hands tend to have darker skin than our faces. This is mainly down to sun exposure. The best place to be swatching is on your jaw line, this is the most likely place to capture your true skin tones. You can also try swatching on the inner parts of your arms, this is deemed the closest shade to your face.
I've swatched on the back of my hand many times... GUILTY. However let's face it, when you are in a shop it's not the most convenient place to be swatching tones on your jaw line.

Do you conceal before Foundation?

WHAT? yes I hear you. You are actually suppose or should I say it's recommended that you use concealer after your foundation... In all honesty I do both, I conceal before and after just to give myself extra coverage! It is not essential to do it before your foundation, however its simply recommended because you may find that you don't need concealer as much after you have applied your foundation. The name foundation kind of gives it off.. it's a base for other application.

Selling/Buying used Makeup...

I have done this... I have purchased swatched makeup before, this has been from close friends and people I know. I have only purchased items which have been swatched once and not been used. I have nothing against people who purchase second hand makeup, I highly recommend sanitation if you do purchase swatched makeup.
I see a lot of bloggers/vloggers selling their old makeup online, claiming it has only been swatched or used once,for some this is ok others it isn't.Lipsticks, foundations, concealers, eye pencils, mascaras, and all the others, in reality it should not be shared, or bought unboxed. The only makeup you should be buying, should be brand new. Sharing makeup products could lead to skin infections, eye infections, and other skin problems you really can do without. This will vary depending on who you purchase the products from. I personally think this is down to your own personal preference. Some people say the only exception is when it comes to makeup artists. Make up artists usually use makeup brushes, which is safe and sanitary. Any make up artist should obviously have the makeup brushes cleaned after each use.
Staying on topic of foundation... do you use the wrong shade?

I know right? WTF? why would you intentionally wear the wrong tone of foundation? tbh sometimes it is hard to tell yourself. I have picked up, been recommended and sold the wrong shade on numerous occasions. I was once sold one from boots, the lady swatched it on my jawline, did my make up and it looked great, but sold me a different shade? Like what is this. Anyways moving back on to topic, many women deliberately select tones and shades that are light/pale as their concealer.

This is not what you should do, for you average concealer it should be the same tone as your foundation. You can get a lighter concealer for highlighting under the eye or other other highlighted areas. Like I said your concealer should match your foundation in order to hide the shadows. I have numerous concealers so don't panic if you don't have the right shade, you can mix concealers or mix your concealer with your foundation to create the right shade.

Watering down cosmetics!
I don't personally done this apart from nail varnishes, I've heard that many people have watered down their products such as facial washes and other products, especially when they are close to being finished. However this is a BEAUTY CRIME! Many skincare products contain water already, this makes them susceptible to contamination! This contamination can come from micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeast. This is why it is important not to water down cosmetics, as you change the balance in ingredients.

Do you clean your Makeup brushes?

I have to admit I hate this process and I drag it out all the time. Many of us don't actually clean our brushes that often and a good 60% of us don't clean them near as much as we should. This is BAD or should I say not particularly good. I use my brushes basically everyday, so I should clean them every week ... GUILTY I have not been doing this.

Splat! Spot Squeezing.

Yes I have done this and I know so many others that have and do to. Sometimes the temptation is too much. I must say spot squeezing isn't a complete beauty crime, however doing it in the wrong way.
Dermatologists agree that provided skin isn’t sensitive or irritated, it isn’t harmful to squeeze – either by hand, or suctioning with a machine – provided it’s done by professional hands. You should prepare the skin, first, by cleansing, then warming it. Ensure hands are clean, too. The best way to do this is to take a piece of cotton wool and soak it in hot water, then hold over the spot for around six seconds, repeating five or six times before squeezing. Never try to squeeze just a red lump; as you are prone to spread the infection and make matters worse. This can also cause scarring but it also isn't the best for your skin overall.

Well thats Part 1 to the Beauty Offences! Part 2 will be up next week! So keep posted if you enjoyed this one!
 Let me know what you all think! 
Are any of these in Beauty Crimes?
Thanks for reading,
Much Love.



  1. I'm guilty of quite a few of these! I really should clean my makeup brushes more often...

    1. Me too!! Eekk aha we can't be perfect in every way ;) x

  2. I've been tempted to buy swatched make up but tbh I just couldn't bring myself to do so. You hear about so many Depop horror stories and I see so many people selling items for full price even though they've been used loads. I think my worst beauty crime is keeping things passed their used by date. I'm not done with it till it's all gone!


    1. I've bought a couple items of friends that's has been swatched always checked that it's not been used, I always take a brush Or sponge and basically remove the first layer.

      Me too unless it's gone it doesn't need to leave my drawers or hands oops! I have a part 2 to this I may have to do a part 3!x


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