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As promised here is Part 2 of 'Are you committing Beauty Offences?!?!?' Again as you may or may not know there are some things in this beauty world that you shouldn't do and as seen in part one they are many, but here are a few more. Some of us do them and well that's down to choice, but are committing some of the ultimate beauty crimes? 

Do you Recklessly Bronze?
STOP! Yes I know, you know and I know you’ve heard it all before.  However it has been said by many including experts that up to 90% of the skin’s visible signs of premature ageing are caused by exposure to the sun. Its said that you should wear sunscreen with an SPF15 as a matter of habit, from April to October or even all year-round, for women with fair, sensitive skin. 

Sleeping with your make-up on.
 Yes I know bad isn't it... Ive done it that many times I am starting to loose count! The reasons for makeup removal is pretty evident, our body’s  renewing itself, leftover therefor by leaving our foundation on it begins to settle into our pores and clogs them. This triggers the dreaded BREAKOUTS! It has also been said that mascara can also stain the delicate skin around the eyes, if it is left there to long. Im no beauty expert but I've definetly learnt a thing or two, so if your run of your feet all day then you finally get home and just need sleep. Keep a pack of facial wipes by your bed that way its less likely to clog your pores and you can do a full facial in the morning. 

Being a sheep... spurging out and  following new make-up trends
Its true! We all do it, we hear that a beauty brand is bringing out a new collection... this is big during seasonal tims such as Christmas. This fantastic new dramatic trends land on the beauty counter and then disappear in hours. But STOP! Yes I know, you know really want that new Urban Decay Palette or YSL lippy, but its just pure persuasion these make-up ‘stories’ are created by beauty brands to attract attention – and of course it works:  we’re like kids in candy stores when those new colours land.  This is big for me to say but in reality, a simple palette of neutrals and a colour palette, as well as a couple lippies, blush, mascara and maybe a liner are the basis of what you need... I don't follow this rule myself but I understand it, I guess that's a step in the right direction.

Stop chewing your lips and get something to eat!
Jokes aside, stop chewing your lips. I have done this especially when winter draws in. Your lips become chapped, so you begin to pick and chew those little flakes to get skin smooth again. but STOP this can actually trigger bleeding and soreness, and leads to more issues rather than making them go away.  Ways to avoid this pick up a lip scrub such as the ones at lush or even make your own with a little oil and sugar and use this to exfoliate the lips, making light circular movements. Ensure you have a lip balm in the pocket of your jacket, on your desk and in your handbag. 

This may not apply to all but QUIT playing with your hair and face
I'm somewhat guilty of playing with my hair, I have super long hair which is a constant pain..but i could never have it shorter. Its been said the when fiddling with your hair can actually cause your hair to thin! The constant pull on the hair and scale is a contributing factor to thinning hair, and if thats not bad enough, playing with the ends of your hair increases and worsens splitting. If this is something you do  train yourself to stop, put it up and out of the way. 
Oh yeah... in addition to that, not to scare you even more, the touching and playing of your hair can cause you to transfers dirt and oil from the fingers on to your face, this may possibly lead to spreading of bacteria that trigger eruptions. In terms of that frown, flip it upside down, if you constantly wrinkle or crinkle your face;  you speed up the process of wrinkles! Although it’s estimated that it takes 100,000 expressions to create a furrow or wrinkle, many of them are unnecessary and can be avoid. HELLO quit frowning! 

Sharing is caring right? No not with your make-up and skincare products!
 I know this may sound pretty obvious but this can lead to eye and skin infections. I'm not saying there isn't ways around this and still share makeup, because there is. Basically its not just beauty gurus and artists that should have spare applicators such as here and here, maybe we all should have some! You can still  ‘borrow’ products from friends/family and/or party hostesses: products such as creams, blushers, even powder should be used and applied with cotton wool, rather than someone else’s sponge! In all honesty you should try your best to avoid anything that you use around the eyes or lips.
Nail Biting.
Again many know this already and we are all aware that many cuticle infections are triggered by over use of clippers, while metal nail files can cause premature splitting and snapping. 
So put down that file and drop those clipper! Pick up that moisturise and go to town on your and nails cuticles nightly, keep on top of it and your nails will look lush in no time. Ps. we know you need to file and clip sometimes, however pick up a soft file and ensure you file in one direction only. 

Well thats Part 2 to the Beauty Offences! Do you want a Part 3? Let me know!
 Let me know what you all think! 
Are any of these in Beauty Crimes?
Thanks for reading,
Much Love.



  1. I am definitely guilty of some of these and definitely chew my lips x

    1. I believe some are just habit and somethings are hard to avoid! I'm guilty of a fair few 😁

  2. Aha, guilty!

  3. I chew my lips too, it is such a bad habit, and I chew my fingers rather than my nails and drive myself mad doing it!

    1. Somethings can't be helped! I'm definetly guilty of a fair few of these :)


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