Daisy Nail Art!

Hey Daintys,

So today I went for something a little different... I attempted some nail art. Not exactly my forte, so I therefore must disclaim my nail art is begginer... it isn't high quality art that looks perfect. Its far from that!

However without further ado here is my Daisy Nail Art.

Products You will Need:

1- Three Nail Polishes
             - White (for the petals)
             - Yellow (for the centre)
             - Any shade you wish (Background shade)
2- A Dotting tool, Toothpick or cotton bud
3- A thin nail brush or toothpick
4- A Base and/or Top Coat polish.


1- If you wish apply a base coat, this will help to prevent your nails from damage, this step can be skipped if you wish.

2- Then choose your base colour, I opted for a lilac shade, just to keep with the spring/summer shades. This should be applied one coat and wait for thoroughly dried and then repeat as many times as necessary I have two coats on mine. (Left)

3. I then used a small dotting tool to create the yellow circular drops. This can be done with a toothpick, cotton bud or other small pointed/circular items. I left this to dry for a little while.This step can be done before or after the petals it will all depend on how steady your hand is. (Right)

4- Next you will need a thin nail brush or toothpick, this will be used to to form a cross/plus sign dependant on the angle you are at. I let this dry slightly to avoid smudging the lines (this didn't exactly work...ooops) (Left.)

5- Next I used the same tool to fill in the gaps, adding in the extra petals to look ... somewhat like a daisy.

6- Depending on how you feel about your daisies, you can add a yellow droplet in the center just to neaten things up, or if you opted to do the petals first you will need to add your yellow center.

7- Again, all down to personal preference you can add a top coat if you wish!

This my final look... A little quirky but hey I'll have to give it another go!

So that's my Daisy Nails! Let me know what you all think! 
Have you tried this? or done something similar?
Let me know in the comments
Thanks for reading,
Much Love.


Ps- All images used are my own images these are not to be used copied ot stolen! Please contact me at missdaintyk@gmail.com if you in interested in using any.
Copyright © Miss Dainty K 2016 

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