NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Drugstore Brand!!!

Hey Daintys,

So as you may or may not have heard British Home Store (BHS) have recently brought out a new line of makeup! This line is called Live * Love - London. We have one store where I live and I have yet to see these stocked on their shelves. However I was kindly sent three of their products to try out! Thank you to Sophia at the Media Hubb!  

So as you all know I love makeup.... I have a passion for it and I can never turn down a good old, drugstore brand. Could these be the next best thing? Here are my first impressions. 

Product 1; Live * Love - London: Sheer Lipgloss in the shade 'Merry' 

When I received this product I noticed the packaging is similar to my much loved brand makeup revolution and closely similar to mua. This shade is a cherry red which is highly pigmented. This is of a soft, creamy texture.  

As you too might feel, the name "Merry" and the rich red pigment totally reminds me of Christmas!
This could definitely be an addition to a Christmas look and could most definitely be an addition to a must have piece. 
This lipgloss is a thick liquid with high pigmentation.
I would say this lipgloss, like all works best with a couple of layers, just to build up the pigmentation.
This is dependant on the shade you are aiming for, if you wish to have a lighter shade you can use one layer to give a sheerer shade. This lipgloss also smells fantastic, I can not completely put my finger on the scent but it's subtle. 
I would say that the only fault with this lipgloss is that it doesn't dry as such and stays rather tacky, this means it bleeds into your lip line slightly. I found this meant this lipgloss works better with a lip liner.
The next product is; Product 2; Live * Love - London: Lipstick in the shade 'Intense Beyond'
I love this shade. I have several similar shades by different brands which I adore and this is no different. 
This lipstick is much like M.A.C Rebel and Makeup revolutions 'Rebel with a cause'. The formula of this lipstick is soft and glides on really nicely. I find that the pigmentation is build-able and can be used to create lighter and darker shades, similarly to the lip gloss. I would say that this isn't as pigmented and as intense as M.A.C 'Rebel' and Makeup revolutions 'Rebel with a cause', but it can be layered to create similar tones and shades.
This lipstick has a different scent to it the lipgloss is stronger and more on the fruity side. In terms of the packaging the similar sleek black rounded tube, is seen (like MUA and Makeup Revolution.) however this lipstick has a patterned edge/rim in the centre.
The packaging also has the sample shade on the lid of the lipstick. Making it much more efficient and easy to find the lipstick shade you are looking for.

The final product is: Product 3: Live * Love- London: Eye shadow palette: Love Sexy
This palette is amazing! The packing is of a metallic pink with the Live * Love - London logo/slogan on top. The palette itself is of a sleek black plastic housing. The inside contains a large mirror and 18 different eyeshadows. A complete thumbs up to this palette is the fact that it contains a dual ended brush! This is something many companies either miss or rather supply a sponge tip brush.... Something I personally don't particularly like. 

This palette is a dark colour tones, however this also contains three neutral base shades which are white, creamy and ivory toned. These are matched with a set of 5 shadows. 
The top row is a mix of golds and taupe shades. 
The second row is a blend of moss greens, black, emerald and a pop of bronze.
The final row is a mix of purples/plums and grey scale tones. 
This palette has an array of shades to create various looks. The palette consists of the softer shades and the darkens shades. The palette is on the dark side a more elegant and sleek look. Perfect for evening looks. These shades would create a perfect smokey eye. The shadows blend easily and glide on. 
They are packed with pigmentation and the best part is using these wet create even more pigmentation! 

The swatches are seen to the Left:
Top Row, the palette doesn't have names for the shades however this is the gold and taupe shades.
Second row; this is the blend of moss greens etc and 
Bottom Row; is the dark purples/plums and grayscale tones
I love how metallic these shades are, the pigment varies on a few shades but each eyeshadow is super soft and blends smoothly. These have the feel/texture of a cream but the form and look of an eyeshadow! 
I really want to try more of these and hope to see them in my local store soon!
These products have a price range between £2-£10. Like I said previously I haven't seen these yet in my local store but I'm hoping to pick up some more! I heard they have blush palettes too! Which I really want to try!!! 

Overall I would say these are a wonderful addition to any collection and are a perfect selection from a new drugstore brand.
Packaging I would say 8/10, I would give the formulas 8/10 and the colours 8/10.
Overall 8/10 for this new brand an 8/10, I can't wait to hunt down some more to try.
Let me know if you manage to pick these up and what you think of them!

Thanks for Reading,
Much Love,


  1. I love how you go into a lot of deatail about the products! Read thing makes me wish I had on an awesome lippy like these!

    1. Thank you! I feel all my readers should have the honest opinion of products and details to help them decide if it's for them! And you need some lippies ;) we've already spoke about this ahah x

  2. I've never heard of Live Love before, but after your review, I'm going to def look into this brand. Like the arm swatches and lippie color.

    1. It's a new brand, I've just discovered. I'm glad you have gained something from this post! And thank you!

      I'll take a look x

  3. I don't think I've seen this brand in the US yet! But the colors are gorgeous! I love a good inexpensive drug store brand!

    1. Aww! I'm honestly not sure if it is in the US, but if not one day I'll do a giveaway or swap? You may participate in!
      And yes me too! Can't help bargain beauty!


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