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Discovering a cute little boutique or online shop really does get me all excited. So today we have another look on the fashion side of the world! I have 3 pieces to show you from the Aspira clothing line! Each piece was randomly picked and send to me via one of their grabbag selections.

But before I dive into the Items I just want to give you the down low on Aspira Clothing.Aspira is all about “empowering women”. This company work on making women feel beautiful in their own skin and making women feel empowered.
They are a new boutique/online shop which hasn't been running to long, however in a few months their line and range of items has increased! I'm in love with their style and the fact that use daintys have discovered a new shop before many other people?! 

I just wish to put a little disclaimer out there, I was the first UK customer and shipping prices vary. They have only just brought out their UK shipping but I promise this delivery was super fast! 
It came all the way from the USA. 

If you do like any of the pieces you see below, please click here to order. 

Diving straight into Item 1; The Black Leather Crossbody Purse.

I am in love with this purse/Bag it is just the right size for everyday use. This bag is 8.5x12x3.5 inches and is the perfect size to take both out daily and even on an evening. This bag has a back zip pocket, middle zip pouch as well as an internal zip pocket. This has bag is accented with gold and literally can be paired with all outfits. This bag can fit a 11cm x 20 cm purse along with my IPhone 6s, keys, charger and a large deodorant with space still available. 

I have been using this bag for a little while now and I love it! It literally fits all the daily essentials + more. This bag is perfect to use in the summer with a pair of high waisted leggings, vest top and converses. (outfit below.)

The clasp to the back is shown in the little demo below :) I love the fasten on this it is super easy to use and looks nice and simplistic to. 

Personally I would say that this looks smaller on their site than it actually is, it took me by surprise when it arrived but honestly I love the size, look and overall piece. Its great to pull a outfit together.

This two piece coordination set is super cute for both summer and winter. The perfect set for nights out around the town. This piece is a simplistic black two piece, built up with texture and perfect paired with a pair of Nude Heels or black stilettos. These are seen in the above images.
This outfit is simplistic outfit but can be  dressed up or dressed down. Another heel which I thought looked cute was:
The white strappy sandal heels, these are great for a daytime meal and those nights when walking in high heels isn't your number one choice,

To dress it up a little, I pick up this chunky chain from primark. This gold accents the clutch bag adding a pop of colour, but pulling the piece together with the black gemstones,

Finally Item 3; The White Royal Romper

I LITERALLY LOVE THIS ROMPER! This is an outfit all rolled as one. This romper has a deep-v wrap front. The bodice is chiffon with stunning sequined tailored shorts which make this combination romper a standout for any event. 

This romper has a subtle hint of a tribal pattern with  open keyhole detail. I love the chiffon bodice it is super light weight, soft and perfect for those warmer days and nights. The sequin shorts look amazing in the sunlight and reflect light in the clubs! This piece really does help you stand out and be noticed.
It pairs perfectly with the cute white strappy sandal heels. As well as a cute baby blue pearlescent necklace.

I hope you all enjoyed this Boutique Alert and just a note:
its FREE SHIPPING when you spend $200 USD.
+ They are now shipping to the UK as you may have guessed I was their first customer!

Let me know what you all think! 
Thanks for reading,
Much Love.


Heels used in this Edit:
 Left: Missguided White Sandal Heels
Middle: Newlook Gold Zipper:Black Heel
Right: Primark Nude Heel


  1. I just loved this collection. So pretty and stylish. The leather bag can go with any color and would look really classy. Keep uploading more variety.

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