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Yup, you guessed it today is all about the rainbow highlighter craze! Some of you might have seen/heard and others might own it but an etsy store known as 'bitterlacebeauty' actually created this neat little highlighter:

This highlighter as you can guess has since sold out and is currently out of stock with a waiting/preorder list up until around 4 months! Ain't nobody got time for that. So I decided to opt out of buying it and instead decided to create it myself!

Step One: Materials
- Eyeshadows or pigments... or Both
- Highlighter or White iridescent Pigment (Optional)
- Isopropyl or Vodka.... Yes Vodka
- An Empty compact, blush or highlighter pan
-Toilet Paper or Kitchen Roll
- Pots for mixing or ice cube tray
- Mini Spatula or spoon

Step Two:

Once you have all your materials you need to select your colours, obviously if you are making the rainbow highlighter you're best to follow a similar structure to: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. For my creation I chose Red, Peach, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. I will be making more of this and for my next attempt I may use pastel colours and less Blue and Purple.
Divide this into individual pots or in separate tray segments. Add in as much or as little highlighter or white as you wish (If you are adding this in) I mixed a few shades to get the colours I wanted.
When creating my highlighter I opted to use an old highlighter as well as white pigment as a base.
(WARNING: You will need a lot more pigment/eyeshadow than you think.)

Step Three:

Depending on what you opted for you can use Isopropyl Alcohol or Vodka. Take each pigment and drop a droplet of Isopropyl/Vodka into the pot begin to stir, this must be a paste texture but not watery. Be sure to only add small amounts to avoid being runny, add additional pigments in to thicken the paste as well as to change the shade if you feel its not the correct colour. (Personally make your blues and purples light! I find that mine is really pigmented and can look a little overpowering.)

Step Four:

Choose your own method, you can either do one pigment at a time and transfer them into your compact or mix all the pigments and then transfer them over. Ensure that your compact is clean and use your spatula to scoop the pigments into the compact.
(WARNING: This can get very messy!)

Step Five:

When layering the colours in the compact ensure to keep a steady hand and avoid the colours completely merging. Next take a tissue/Kitchen roll and lay it over the top of your rainbow highlight, gently press from one end to the other to avoid merging the colours completely this will soak up the isopropyl/vodka do this until it is no longer soaking up anything.

Step Six:

Leave overnight, between 12-24hours and then test! Here is how mine came out! As I said I think I may attempt without the blue and purple or soften the shades. I may even just keep one shade in Im not sure :)

If you give this a go let me know! Send Me images to my Social Media & #MissDaintyKRainbow
I'll respond to them all <3

Much Love 


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  1. What?? RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTER? I'm sure its new in the market because I've never heard about it before.I'm sure it would be new top hit.Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting.


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