I'm Sorry.

Hey Daintys,

I wish to pop this post out here as I have been absent for a while, I have been on a bit of a low and I haven't had the mentality to get myself motivated. I suppose that many people have off days but unfortunately its been an off couple of months.

But... I am back I have decided to pick my feet up off the floor and kick start everything again.
I have many stories I could tell and I have bits which have pushed me into the whirlwind but that's for another time.

I have learnt and found some new coping methods and I wish to share a couple with you guys.
The first was a wonderful recommendation from a friend:
-The App is called Law of Attraction: This app is a meditation app which gives you a free health track, a vision board, wish list and a gratitude list. The next set of tracks are wealth, love and happiness these are £2.29 each to purchase. I have found this app a great help in the getting sleep and giving myself a boost. I wish to state I am not sponsored and these are just my recommendations and things that have worked for me, these may not work for all but hopefully might help someone. This has helped me the past few weeks and calmed me down and stopped me stressing.

The Second Recommendation is Audio Books:
- The ones I currently have are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies... yup thats right for dummies as I guess I'm not the brightest of sparks. The second one I have is Total Relaxation by Darren Marks this again helps me to relax and wind down when I am stressing.
I would recommend if you are struggling or stressing to find a couple audiobooks for bed, Either ones for self worth and help or a general book this will help you to unwind and relax.

My next tip is less so a recommendation but will additionally help, take time for you 20mins a day even if it's just before bad allow yourself time to relax. I would recommend turning all additional devices and social media off around 1 hour before bed giving yourself plenty of time to settle and unwind.
If audio books are not your thing then try just reading an actual book, this is also a good way to unwind.

I know this piece isn't my normal kind of piece and I am sorry for being absent, I hope that this has helped someone, somewhere.

I'm back in the game with new pieces coming, I hope you enjoy new content.

Much Love


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