RACE TO THE RUNWAY: Interview with Steph Carr of Bespoke Savannah

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So despite been absent from my blog for a while I have an array of things to tell you and post. So I decided to start with my Interview with one of the upcoming designers from Race To The Runway!

Here is my piece with Steph for Bespoke Savannah: 

So Steph you're in the running for Race to the Runway which is a crazy and fantastic opportunity. When did you realise you wanted to design clothing?

A: if I'm honest I completely fell into fashion design, I've always been a creative person but never had direction, I went to an open day at a college by chance and it's just felt right to pursue a career in fashion. I got to about 17/18 when I realised I wanted to make a serious career in the fashion industry. I loved the creative freedom to put your own personality into a garment.

It's easy to find fashion even if it's just on the high street, but fashion to some people Is not for others. In terms of you and your work, who inspired you to pursue a career in fashion?

A: I get inspiration from many different avenues. Alexander McQueen has always been the designer I look to for inspiration, it drives me hearing about his rise and struggles in the fashion industry and how he didn't change the person he was, it really showed in his collections which was why he was / is so great.  Richard Anderson who is a tailor on Saville row tailor is beyond talented I've followed his work for years and read numerous book about his journey to Saville row, it gives me the motivation to get there myself. And lastly my grandma, not many people believed in what I wanted to achievers a designer,  she bought me my first sewing machine and taught me how to knit, she's my number one supporter and she's an incredible women, it most definitely drives me to succeed as a designer.

Wow! So you have a vast base of inspiration, but even the biggest names had to start somewhere, How long have you been a designer?

A:I've been designing garments since I was 16, it was only 3 years ago I started designing menswear, which is definitely the part of the industry I will stick with.

3 years seems a long while, but I bet it has flown by! What path did you take to get to where you are now?

A:a lot of my women's designs were falling into tailored dresses and jackets which then prompted career in tailoring. The more i researched the anatomy of a suit and tailoring as a whole I fell in love with menswear and been focusing on it for the past 3 years. The sartorial characteristics of Savile row and well tailored suit give me so much drive to be a renowned tailor myself.

Suited and Booted! So as you know Bespoke Boutiques are hosting Race to the Runway, Why did you get involved with Bespoke Boutiques?

A:I got involved through a friend and loved the vibes the company had, they had so many plans and connections with many creative people round the uk, the fashion industry is a tough one to get into so it was a no brainier to get involved with them. Hard working ambitious creatives are the type of people I like to surround myself with and bespoke boutiques definitely provide that.

Yes there most definitely is some amazing people in the team, a perfect platform to base yourself, How big would you say this event is, for giving you opportunity?

A: it's unbelievable that there is opportunities like this, I feel so blessed and excited to be taking part in it. When your so passionate and determined with what you do it's an amazing feeling to be giving a chance to showcase your talents and yourself as a designer.

It's an amazing opportunity and the chance to showcase at the House of Ikons Showcase is Huge! What do you know about House of iKons?

A:I went to the house of ikons show in February and I was blown away, the rush backstage gives you such an adrenaline, so many different designers from different backgrounds with different styles, showcasing their work to a global audience. It's unbelievable the level House of Ikons is at .

After work backstage too, I know what you mean it's a mad rush but an amazing experience. So with all this being said what would it mean to you, if you won Race to the Runway?

A: it would mean everything to me, I taught myself about menswear and I'm a self taught tailor. I've had so many failures over the years it would definitely cement to myself that I will be a successful tailor. I really love mixing concepts, making the traditional gentleman look current. I have so many designs ideas to showcase while incorporating tailoring methods with it. This would be an amazing platform to do it on.

Well Thanks for talking to us! I want to wish you the best of luck! I'll have everything crossed for you! See you on the Runway!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this piece, something a little different! 
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PS. check out: Bespoke Savannah Here 

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