Justin Bieber Bares All?!?

Hey Daintys,

This is a slightly abnormal post for today but it's based in the celebrity world! So as you may or may not have heard one of Justin's "friends" recently had her account hacked. A few hours ago her account uploaded a nude photo of Justin..... Literally baring all!!!!!!

Yes I've seen it all..... Well so has half the world again for the second time! It seems that even after Justin removed his account from Instagram he still can't get away!

We are yet to see a comment from Justin himself however Chantel Jefferies who's account was "hacked" had the post removed pretty fast but not fast enough for all the screenshots. Chantel has spoken out on her snapchat saying she was hacked and has not only had her Instagram hacked but had other means of I presume social media being targeted to be hacked.

Unfortunely despite having the image I can't uploaded the full image due to nudity however I can offer you these: (Above Left & Right)

I am pretty sure the image Unblurred is sourceable, but since I don't have the rights to share it and don't wish to break the rules of blogger I can't post like some news websites may!

However just a head up  the image is a fake, apparently photoshopped from an image taken earlier this year.

Hope this has give you your bieber Fever fix, and I'm sorry if you missed this frenzy! 
Much love 


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