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Hey Daintys,

This is just short post, more so a list, a list of some of my own personal favourite posts that I have ever written.
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House of ikon Feb16'
I am just about hit the amazing target of 12k Views on my blog and for me that is crazy! So heres a short list of some of my favourite posts. A Self Reflection on my blog.

1- House of ikons Feb 2016 :This post is one of my favourite posts so far, I feel that it was such an experience that it won't ever be forgotten! and I am returning to House of ikons for Sept 2016!

2- Rainbow Highlighter; DIY: This is one of my more creative posts, it was super fun to make the Highlighter and then show others how to make it, I still use this highlighter!!

Darius Dar Khan
3- Darius Dar Khan Interview; Game of Thrones Star:  This is one of my favourites, it was such an experience to be thrown in at the deep end, no direction, first interview with a Tv star, actor and Model. In which I now have as a friend for life. This is why this unpaid blog is worth more than money <3

Steph Carr
4- French Sophistication: Chanel Joan Elkayam: Another amazing experience, writing for a fashion designer who has some amazing work and is only getting bigger!

5- Steph Carr: Bespoke Savannah Designer: What more can I say... two designers in a row. Featured on my blog! If that doesn't make you smile then you don't know life. Steph is another amazing designer and person who ive now got as a friend for life! <3

Like I said I was keeping this post short and Sweet! Please feel free to check these posts out, like & share <3 

Much Love,

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