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So as you may guess by the title today's blog post is about Fashion Documentaries, I have recently been on a documentary spree and little watched them none stop, so from that I decided to give you a list of a few I have been watching. I currently have 5 to give you and another 10 in line to watch!

First up Dior and I: 

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This was the first in my spree and this documentary really had some wonderful displays of work. This doc opens up your eyes to the work of Couture, delving into the details and bits behind closed doors. It tells you the story of Raf Simons work at the House of Dior, following from his appointment in 2012. It displays the timescale and hard work of his couture collection debut, all done in a short 8 weeks. Raf displays the reality of a couture collection, the thoughts, the work and the intensity of being part of such a immense Fashion House.

I personally loved this documentary and would say its one to watch. It works it magic in opening your eyes to the fashion world in a both intense yet beautiful light. (This is Currently on Netflix.)

In contrast to Dior and I the next Documentary I watched was ' The True Cost' - Director Andrew Morgan & Producer Michael Ross.
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This Documentary is more the back story to our high street fashion, this opens your eyes to the reality of where our every day clothes come from. The reality of the garment world, focusing on the developing countries and the low wages and dangerous work areas. It ties into the world of consumerism and mass media, and questions whether the low paid workers in developing countries is really that bad.
For me this was a reality check but also an eye opener to the world of fashion, despite being aware of the bad conditions and low pay this really shows you the nitty gritty parts to fashion.

For a full overview check out Wikipedia . (This is Currently on Netflix.)

Next up is Mcqueen and I:

Image result for mcqueen and iSimilar to Dior and I it gives an insight to the rising of Alexander Mcqueen, his life and his work and his final days. The insight into his mindset, feelings and relationship with Isabella Blow. Displaying his work and shows. Mcqueen brought the shock factor to the fashion world, some of  his work highlighted the Taboos in the world, the dark that nobody wanted to speak about such as Rape & Slavery. Mcqueen incorporated these into this work and despite the slander from papers the world never failed to fill up the seats at the show.

I adored this documentary the work, the life and all the darker segments, it shows the reality of rising from the bottom to the top. A true reality check on how to start pushing yourself.
(You can watch this here)

Following this is Kate Moss Creating an Icon:

Image result for kate moss creating an iconThis documentary is more of an insight into modelling, the rise of Kate Moss and where she began. This shows how she began and how she become a mould of the fashion world, the making of how she became what a trial of the fashion house wanted to display.
In comparison to the other documentaries above this has to be my least favourite, despite it giving an insight into Kate Moss, I felt that it wasn't that informative or eye opening.
(You can watch this here)

Moving on from that I watched "The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts."

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This was a great documentary based on Gucci, exploring the past, present and future.  It wasn't my favourite of the bunch however I did enjoy seeing an insight into the looks, the making and the final cuts.  The House of gucci is under the whelm of Alessandro Michele but The Director displays stages when he Italian brand was under the direction of Frida Giannini, from 2006 through to 2014. Another interesting insight of the past, present and future of fashion.
(You can watch this on Netflix)

Overall I feel these 5 Documentaries give you a real insight into the various segments of the fashion world, ranging from couture to high street. The various Fashion Houses give different perspectives on their ideas of fashion, each incorporating their past work to influence future creations. Along with this the journey of a model and the true cost of fashion all are educated from the above documentaries.

I hope this has been of help for some of you daintys and I recommend watching a few of these to open your eyes to the fashion world. I have several more to watch and may do a follow up post after I have watched them, if you'd like it?

Much Love,

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