London Vlog; The Trip!

Hey Daintys,

So if you read my post about House of iKons you will know that I had a trip down to London Fashion Week where I spent the weekend in London with my much loved friend Steph; Designer of Bespoke Savannah!
So this post is a bit of a short ramble with my London Vlog Attached here and below; WARNING ITS SUPER LONG........

So we had a long as journey down which was entertaining, crazy, long and tiring but well worth it!
We arrived in London and decided to do some sightseeing before we headed to rehearsals.

 We headed to the Natural History Museum for some Research.... but low an behold we had gone to the wrong museum and spent a good hour or so wandering around to find no ancient artifacts.
We had a short wander down oxford street, Bond street and other streets of the high.

But one thing which was super unreal and crazy as we had just finished browsing in Harvey Nichols when we met Donatella Versace!!! Unfortunately for us the large body guard was rushing her in a car allowing no photos :( #SadTimes.

After this we did some sightseeing and headed to see the Queen, we decided we needed our tea top up.
London is super big as many of you will know so being two girls one from a little city and the other from a little town, we were easily lost...

The day went on filled with Cake, Hot-chocolate, Makeup stores and Fashion galore. The wonders of a large City and the expensive shops, engulfed the streets.... and my camera roll.

Following our track around London we headed to the Millennium Hotel, Mayfair. Ready to prep and view the rehearsals. Rehearsals ran on for a fair few hours and consisted of all you'd expect and more.... stages being pieced together, screens installed, garments fitted, adjusted, rails being built. You name it, it happened.

The following day was an early start and a late finish. Myself and Steph were given the role of Front of House! Were we seated VIP Guests, greeted them and Spoke to all guests and Press & Media. Crazy and Exciting! You Can Read about the event here.

But enough of my Chit Chat, if you haven't already seen the Vlog here it is, click below.

I have placed some little time markers in the description box but here they are if you just want to see specific sections.

Chapter 1 1:59 London Drive Around
Chapter 2 10:25 Being Tourists

Chapter 3 11:02 Natural History Museum
Chapter 4 12:09 Back being Tourists
Chapter 5 15:21 The Night Before the Show
Chapter 6 16:33 London Fashion Week: House of iKons Show!
Chapter 7 18:28 Route Home
Chapter 8 18:56 Carpool Karaoke
Chapter 9 24:04 Home! The End!

 Thanks for reading, 
Much Love


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